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The Keap Partner Gift Guide 2022

Let good times abound this holiday season with our annual Partner Gift Guide.

Each year, we are honored to be able to partner with some great companies for the holiday season. These are all companies that share our core values and that we vouch for personally, often recommending them to our own friends and family.

This year, we wanted to bring together a list of some companies with shared outlooks, making products designed to bring more moments of presence and connection into your life. Within this list, we hope you find at least one gift (or treat for yourself) that will provide moments of calm in the year ahead, whether it be more quality time, more food with friends, or perfectly-balanced beverages.


A Phone Designed for Presence: Lightphone

Our primary mission at Keap is to prioritize connection to the natural world, loved ones, and ourselves. So it’s no surprise we’re fans of  Lightphone. While most modern technology is designed to distract and consume your time and attention, the designers behind Lightphone wanted to create a device that empowers its user by encouraging as little usage as possible. The result is a phone that meets your needs without becoming addictive. With a Lightphone, you’ll find more time to be present to yourself and those who matter to you.

Let the Lightphone help you free up cherished time. 

Restaurant-worthy Dinnerware: Jono Pandolfi

You probably know by now that we’re big fans of New Jersey-based ceramic studio Jono Pandolfi Designs. Not only have we collaborated with them on a small-batch edition ceramic candle, but we consider ourselves lucky folks anytime we can expand our personal collections of Pandolfi dinnerware. There is a reason the finest restaurants in the world count on Jono’s studio to deliver beautiful pieces made with integrity. Whether choosing a one-off piece or investing in a whole set, Pandolfi’s ceramicware encourages us to gather (and we’ve found it also makes solo meals feel that much more special). Elevating every day is something to relish.

Shop for what will become your heirloom kitchenware! 

Chef-Approved Kitchen-wear: TILIT

The bonds between us at Keap and the world of hospitality are strong. We are excited to partner with TILIT, which just turned 10! TILIT makes stylish, sturdy, and functional workwear for both professional chefs to at-home cooks, and we love wearing them while pouring candles in our Kingston studio! Beyond the studio, we'll be cooking in style while wearing this very chic ombré canvas apron in the months ahead. 🍳

Up your sartorial kitchen game and help celebrate TILIT’s 10th anniversary!

Use Code: Keap10 for 10% off 

A Drink Made for Everyday Sipping: Ghia

Few things are as sweet as pressing pause on your day to open a bubbly treat, especially if it’s Ghia. If you haven’t heard of Ghia yet, they are a spirits-free apéritif adapted for modern times. We’ve found the flavor of the classic Ghia apéritif to be something akin to Campari in that it’s fruity and bitter and goes wonderfully well with sparkling waters or beverages — their pre-mixed cans are also a convenient and tasty option. Of course, you can always use Ghia in a cocktail too, and it imparts a gorgeous sunset-orange hue into whatever drink you mix it with.

Indulge and be enchanted. 

Sommelier-Approved Wines: Eater Wine Club


Of course, some nights call for a bottle of wine! Eater Wine Club has you covered when you want to offset (or blend) your Ghia apéritifs with something a bit stronger. We’re big fans of the subscription-based model (naturally) and look forward to our monthly wine haul. We can’t wait to share some of these bottles with friends and loved ones this holiday season and beyond!

Let Eater Wine Club be your personal sommelier! 

Use Code: KEAP20 for 20% off

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