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Reclaiming Joyful Time: Closing Down Our Social Media

Today we are shutting down Keap’s social media pages.

This has been a decision long in the making, and we thought you might be interested to hear more about the reasonings behind it. 

We started Keap to prioritize connection: to the natural world, to our loved ones, and to our own spirits. In knowing this deeper meaning behind our work, we often ask ourselves what’s stopping us from feeling true connection in our own lives. The answers are plentiful, but one common thread often emerges: addictive technology that keeps us distracted and restless.


Irresistible, by Adam Alter

Both Harry and I spent five years working at Google before we left to start Keap. During our time in the tech industry, we saw firsthand the priorities of one of the world’s largest technology companies. The focus of  so many tech products was, and still is, one thing: maximizing how much time you spend on them. Why? Because Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all make money ($48 billion in just the three months from Jul.-Sep. 2020) by selling advertising while you use their platforms. If you’ve ever felt that sense of “just one more scroll” while on Instagram or Facebook, that’s exactly how these apps were designed to make you feel and behave.

It’s worth noting that an anti-social media cultural backlash is already well underway and growing as the motives of these platforms come under deeper scrutiny, and as their negative impacts on our mental health and societal fabric become impossible to ignore.

We’re not here to debate the morality of advertising and technology companies (though, if you ever want to take us out for a coffee, we sure have some opinions!). Rather, armed with an insider's knowledge of how these addictive technologies affect our lives, Harry and I have often felt that being on social media doesn’t align with what Keap is about as a company.

Though we had to overcome some initial uncertainty, we feel far more excitement about reclaiming our time from social media. We see so much potential in doing things that truly excite us and becoming more connected to the world, people, and communities around us. We hope our excitement will radiate outward in the months to come.

For now, practically speaking, this means our newsletter and our email ( will be our primary mode of communication. Please keep sending your thoughtful emails our way. We read and answer them with joy.

We hope our decision, and our underlying thought process, proves an interesting data point as you explore your own opinion on this topic. We’re highlighting below some further resources you might enjoy if you’re ready to embark on that journey. Above all, we encourage you to stay curious and follow your heart.

Keep the fire burning, 

— Stephen, Harry, and the whole Keap team

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