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A zero-waste approach

Nature works in regenerative cycles, with each participant giving back more than it takes. Learning from this, we are working to remove all waste from our business.


Materials that bio-degrade help create regenerative, healthy cycles within our ecosystems.

We use Ecovative’s Mushroom® packaging for our subscription shipments—you can pop it and the box straight into the compost bin (our shipping label is compostable too).

We also use PureLabel’s biodegradable labels on our candles for our classic icons and base labels, and we’re working to remove the last plastic labels we use in production as soon as suitable compostable options exist.

How to


Our candle holders are easy to repurpose as drinking glasses—every element is easy to remove. Our labels have low adhesion and we use beeswax instead of glue for our wicks, for easier removal.

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If you can't re-use your glass, you can now return it to us free of charge through our Eternal Flame® tumbler return program. Our ultimate aim is 100% diversion from landfill.

For the Planet

Candles can change the mood, and we believe
they can change the world too.
Our Vision