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Keap Subscription

Keap Subscription

With a Keap candle subscription, you'll take an ongoing journey through scent. Enjoy new experiences throughout the year, and transform your space; all without having to lift a finger.

You'll receive limited-edition matchboxes, art and inspiration in each shipment. Members get free shipping and total control over shipments. So fire up, and be transported—we'll handle the rest.

Straight from the maker

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How It works

Discover Scents

We include samples of upcoming seasonal scents. Seasonal subscribers always know what’s coming next.

Candle Control

Receive candles as often as you like with free shipping. Change your scent, skip deliveries, or pause the subscription at any time. After your first delivery month, we’ll send your candles out on the 15th of each month.

Brilliant Bonuses

We include printed art and collectible matchboxes with your package every time. See the gallery of previous work.

Un-join anytime

You can un-join at any time. The subscription discount requires at least two shipments. If you cancel after just one shipment, no problem. In that case, we’ll simply charge you back the subscription discount of $7 to reflect a one-off purchase.

Want to send a subscription as a gift?
See our pre-paid gift subscriptions.

As often as you like


Perfect if you light candles on a regular or daily basis—most popular with candle lovers.

Every 2 Months

Perfect if you light candles on a weekly basis.

Every 3 Months

Perfect if you light candles on special occasions or like having candles on hand as gifts.

Coming next in our seasonal subscription

Seasonal scents & inspiration

Each month we curate a seasonal scent. You can always let us know if you have another preference.

We also include a hand-finished zine and matchbox featuring interviews with local artists, creators and community leaders.

Here’s a taste of our seasonal selections past, present and future.

Last month

Wandering through fields of fresh flowers to Lavender + Petals.

This month

Cool mornings and majestic calm—sink into Cotton Magnolia

Next month

A sultry figure casts it's shadow with our forbidden fruit, Wild Figs

Better candles

Pure, sustainable, simple

The elements of a better scented candle:

  • Fragrances created by a master perfumer

  • Clean-burning, lead-free, cotton wicks

  • Natural, slow-burning coconut wax

  • Reusable, tumbler glass, made in the USA

  • Fair prices by buying straight from us

  • Every candle you buy supports our social mission to share access to sustainable light

Read more about making better candles

The Keap subscription scents

Choose one, or receive seasonal scents from a growing range of simple escapes:

Wood Cabin

A walk in the woods.
Welcomes you to the cabin, where a warm fireplace awaits.


Floating in the sea.
Evokes warm happy days spent by the ocean.

Hot Springs

Let those shoulders relax.
An uplifting spa experience that invigorates.

Green Market

Green up your space.
Like roaming the fresh markets on a bright, crisp spring day.

Wild Figs

The sensuous aroma of freshly plucked wild figs and bramble berries.

Lavender + Petals

Delicate petals and lavender stalks, fresh and dewy, lie strewn on the kitchen table.

Grapefruit + Yuzu

A bright, happy day beginning with the optimistic zest of pure, clear citrus fruits.

Cotton Magnolia

On the veranda, the scent of magnolia on a light breeze, flirts with freshly laundered linen.

The Ignite Series

Each month we share a new story to inspire you, alongside your subscription candle.

What Keapers are saying

“Just received my @keapbk #candle - it's got everything I like in things: it's beautiful, it smells good, it's eco-friendly, it's made in NYC and it comes with goodies.”

Free shipping & returns

Free U.S. priority shipping included on all orders.
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