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Frequently asked candle questions

Candle Burning Tips


  • Tips to Become a Candle-Burning Pro

    Check out our blog post here where we share more in-depth advice on how to get the most out of your candle. Below are some quick tips to note!

  • The first burn is the most important

    The first burn is the most important. The first time you burn any candle, burn it for 2-3 hours. This will not only maximize the fragrance throw, but also help avoid “tunneling”—where the candle burns down the middle, leaving wax around the edges.

  • Trimming the candle's wick keeps it burning cleanly

    Trimming the wick to 3/8” before burning helps ensure a smaller, safer flame and less soot. Nail clippers do the trick. The width of your littlest finger is a good guide to the correct length.

  • Reusing the glass tumbler is simple

    Once you’ve burned your candle, you can easily give the candleholder a second life by cleaning it out and removing the no-residue labels. For tips on cleaning, visit

The Keap Subscription


  • What is a candle subscription?

    The Keap subscription is a journey through scent with regular candle deliveries. We deliver a candle each month for $44.50, with free shipping. You can choose from 3 options: receiving seasonally curated scents, receiving Wood Cabin each time, or receiving Lavender + Petals each time. Subscribers get early access to new fragrances, limited edition art prints and labels, and other benefits.

  • How do I join a subscription?

    Just sign up here, add to cart and checkout!

  • Do subscribers get discounts on all candles?

    Yes! You can always buy more subscription candles at your subscriber price. You can also use the code KeaperDiscount for 10% off all the other candles on our site—this code will only work if you're an active subscriber and logged into your account.

  • Can I save by buying more candles?

    Yes! We offer multi-pack discounts. If you subscribe to:
    ▶ Two candles per delivery, you save an additional $10.
    ▶ Four candles per delivery you save an additional $30.
    If you need any help setting this up in your account email us at

  • Do I have to get monthly deliveries?

    Monthly is our most popular option, but you have full flexibility on your delivery schedule.
    We offer a bi-monthly delivery schedule (just select "2 Months" when placing your order), and even a tri-monthly if you only want a candle so often. It's up to you. We also allow you to skip upcoming deliveries, and we send an email prior to each month’s shipment to remind you your order is coming up.

  • When do subscription candles ship?

    Your first candle will ship immediately, and subsequent candles will ship on the same day of following months. For example, if you purchase on October 31st, your next order will be on November 30th. The following order after this will be December 30th, January 30th, etc. You can also adjust your delivery day for future orders.

  • What fragrances do I get on the subscription?

    You can subscribe to the monthly changing Seasonal Scent option, or to either of our Signature Scents (Wood Cabin and Lavender + Petals). You can switch between the three options or skip at any time.

  • Do I get anything else with the subscription?

    Yes, with each subscription shipment you’ll receive a sample of next month’s Seasonal Scent along with a letter from the Keap Team and a coaster.

    With your first subscription order you’ll receive an extra large box of long matches, and we’ll send you another box with every 12th subscription order.

    You also receive exclusive access to the Seasonal Scent of the month, early access to special releases, and a 10% discount on all orders on our website.

    Finally, by joining as a Keaper, you support our independent ethos and regenerative vision!

  • Can I cancel any time?

    You can un-join at any time. The subscription discount requires at least two shipments. If you cancel after just one shipment, no problem. In that case, we’ll simply charge you back the subscription discount of $10 to reflect a one-off purchase.

  • Can I update/modify my subscription?

    Yes! We want you to have complete flexibility on how your subscription works for you. You can do this all directly from your account via the Subscriptions area. If you have any trouble feel free to drop us a note at

  • Can I change the delivery address?

    You can do this all directly from your account via the Subscriptions area. If you have any trouble feel free to drop us a note at

Candle Questions & Care


  • How do I re-use the candleholder when the candle is finished?

    See our video and run down here—share your reuse ideas with us by email at and we'll share a little surprise back with you!

  • How can I burn candles safely?

    We take safety seriously. So here are our no-joke safety rules:
    1) Never leave a burning candle unattended.
    2) Burn out of reach of children & pets.
    3) Don’t burn candles close together: always leave 6”/15cm between burning candles.
    4) Do not burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire.
    5) When there’s only ½” of wax left, it’s time to clean out that glass and move on to a new candle. It’s not easy, we know!

  • How strong are the scents?

    We’ve worked to balance the fragrance load in our candles to be “just right”. To maximize scent “throw”, burn your candle for 3 hours each time—you’ll fill the room with fragrance and prevent “tunneling”, where the candle burns down instead of out. If you’d like to try out our scents first, discover them with Scent-to-Home.

  • Why do we use coconut wax instead of traditional candle waxes?

    We put an article together to cover coconut wax vs other waxes, and our journey to get here. So check it out here.

  • What is coconut wax?

    We put an article together to explain more about coconut wax so check it out here.

  • What are your fragrances made from?

    Starting Keap, we thought we'd only use natural fragrance notes, but the more we learned, through working with our master perfumer, we discovered there was more than meets the eye to the two families of notes available to a perfumer. See our journey at

    Due to the careful formualtion of our fragrance, we've rarely ever had complaints about scents causing the sort of reactions some people have with cheaper fragrances. If you'd like to test out our scents for any reaction we have our mini-sample set, and we'll be on hand to help if you find they're not for you.

  • Are Keap candles cruelty free?

    Yes 100%. We have never, nor will we ever do animal testing with our products. Similarly, our raw material suppliers conduct no new animal testing on our existing ingredients.

    It's important to note that it is fairly typical that no new animal testing is needed today, since fragrances are considered the sum of their parts i.e. if all ingredients were tested already, no new testing is needed. Almost all raw ingredients used in perfumery today were tested many decades ago to ensure safety when they were first used or discovered. Looking to the future, we are excited to see new scientific methods coming to the market for testing, such as "fake" human skin tests, that will provide more effective and cruelty free testing for all industries.

  • Do your fragrances contain phthalates?

    Simply put: no! Our perfumer does not use Diethyl Phthalate in any of your scents.

    Interestingly, the perfume industry stands strongly behind the use of this molecule in general—the industry body IFRA published this statement in 2008: download pdf. While we appreciate the nuances of molecular chemistry, and understand that not all phthalates act in the same way with our biochemistry, we choose not to use them to allay any concerns.

  • Are your fragrances safe for pregnancy?

    Our candles are generally safe for daily use. We are committed to producing, sustainable candles that smell great and burn clean.

    Our candles are paraben, sulphate, and phthalate free, and the wax in our candles is an all-natural coconut wax. (We've written about how and why we chose this wax on our blog, if you'd like to see how it measures up to other candle waxes!)

    A common concern that customers have had regarding pregnancies is a sensitivity to certain scents. Each person experiences this differently, so we recommend the Scent-to-Home program as a way to sample our fragrances and potentially catch any sensitivities before committing to a full candle.

  • Do the candles have a 'use-by' date?

    Our candles are typically made just days before you receive them. We recommend using our candles within 2 years of purchase based on the wax and fragrance materials we use. Of course, we hope that your candles are well gone before then!
    If you intend on storing our candles for multiple months before use, we recommend keeping them protected from light and heat (e.g. in a box, inside a drawer in a room kept below 75F) to prolong the scent's quality and potency.

  • The color of my candles varies slightly from one to another. Why is that?

    Using a natural wax (and no artificial coloring) has two implications:

    —Our wax is free of certain colorants and preservatives that ensure a consistent wax color, so depending on temperature, exposure to light and other factors, the wax can appear whiter or creamier—if anything, this is emblematic of the fact it's natural!

    —Our fragrances are naturally colored and each gives a tint to the candle, which we don't interfere with. Most of the candles nonetheless remain in a creamy hue, but Hot Springs is quite green: this is due to its inclusion of Lavandin Absolute, an essential oil that is deep, thick green—even a small amount has a strong impact on the color of the fragrance, and of the candle itself.

  • Are your candles vegan?

    Unfortunately not at the moment. We use a small amount of organic-certified beeswax to affix our wicks to our glasses, and we also use a small amount of the same beeswax in our coconut wax blend. We are looking for alternatives for both uses as we'd love to make our candles available to our vegan friends.

  • What is your wick made out of?

    We currently use two different types of wicks for our candles.

    We decide to use two different types when we are performing our burn testing on the candles. This gives us further insight into how the candle is performing overall and ensures we produce the best batch possible.

    Each wick is made from a blend of cotton and paper, one is an unbleached cotton and the other a bleached cotton.

  • How can I prevent the candle smoking?

    We use a clean-burning, natural coconut wax and wicks, making for a clean and full burn with no additives beyond our fragrances. If you notice any smoke, trim the wick to 3/8” for a better burn and try to keep the burn time between two and three hours.

  • How big are the candles?

    Our regular candles contain 7.4 oz. (210g) of wax and fragrances. If that doesn't speak to you, keep in mind that the glasses are good-sized 10 oz. whiskey tumblers.

  • How long do the candles burn?

    We use a natural coconut wax (which burns slower than paraffin or soy wax), so the candles have a burn time of 45 hours. Trimming the wick regularly to 3/8” will help your candle burn at a slower rate.

  • Why is there a bit of wax remaining in the bottom of the glass at the end of the candle?

    For safety reasons, we ensure the candle stops burning when 1/2" of material remains at the bottom. This is a candle industry standard to ensure the glass doesn’t overheat and create a risk of shattering or fire.

  • What is a public benefit corporation?

    Public benefit corporations are a specific type of corporation that allow for public benefit to be a charter purpose in addition to the traditional corporate goal of maximizing profit for shareholders.

Orders, Shipping & Returns


  • When will I get my candles?

    For our current shipping status see our Shipping blog post. We typically prepare and package orders within 1-2 business day, and then shipping takes 1-3 business days depending on location. You will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number once your candles have been shipped. The tracking number will also be available in your Keap account.

    If you are in New York assume 1-2 business days to process your order, and then 1-2 business days to ship = 2-4 business days total. If you are in California, assume 1-2 business days to process your order, and then 2-4 business days to ship = 3-6 business days total.

  • Can I expedite my order?

    Yes you can. You can select expedited shipping options at checkout, or contact us at if you’ve already placed an order.

  • How can I get free shipping?

    We offer free shipping on all subscription orders, so join us for a journey through scent (with shipping all ours!). Subscribe now.

  • What if I need to change my order?

    If you want to change your order after confirmation, send us an email at and we will see what we can do. We can sometimes change orders a couple hours after they are placed, but we cannot guarantee the ability to make changes once an order is confirmed.

  • Do you ship to Canada or countries?

    For now, we only ship within the US. But not because we don't want to share our scents with folks across the oceans! We're still brainstorming ways to most reliably and affordably ship our candles internationally. In the meantime, send us an email ( if you want Keap to launch in your country—this will inform where we launch next!

  • What if I don't like the scent?

    We know buying scents online can be tricky. We developed Scent-to-Home as a way to try the scents at home in single-serve tealight candles, before committing to a full purchase or subscription. The Scent-to-Home set is $19—and comes with a credit towards a new subscription.

  • What if my candle is damaged in the mail?

    We designed our shipping boxes to be incredibly sturdy, but if your candle is damaged in shipment it's not a problem. Email us at with a photo, your order number, and we’ll take care of you.

  • What's your general return policy?

    If there’s something wrong with your candle when it arrives, just drop us a note at within 15 days of order and we’ll help you process a return and get another candle out to you.

  • When can I expect a refund if I request one?

    Please allow 1-2 weeks for your refund, if approved. We’ll send an email once the item(s) has been received and your refund has been processed.

Scent-to-Home Samples


  • What is Scent-to-Home?

    It's a fun way to discover our scents. A set of six mini candles and a set of matches. We also email you $19 of credit to take off a new subscription. Each customer is eligible for one $19 credit only.

  • How long do the candles burn?

    Each mini candle burns for an hour or two, perfect for an evening's escape.

  • Where is my Scent-to-Home discount code?

    Your personal discount code will be emailed to the email address you use when checking out. The subject of the email is "You’ve ordered your samples. Here’s what comes next!".

  • Does the Scent-to-Home credit expire?

    Simple: no!



  • Can I gift a subscription?

    Yes, absolutely. We offer three pre-paid gift subscriptions of 3,6 or 12 candles. They all last one year.

  • How does a Gift subscription distinguish the purchaser from the gift recipient?

    During checkout, the purchaser should input their details for the billing address and then include the gift recipient information for the shipping address.

  • How does a gift subscription work?

    Your giftee will receive their candles split over the course of a year e.g. with the 6 candle gift, they will receive one candle every other month until they receive 6 candles. You’ll get confirmation that we’re sending them another candle each time we ship.

  • When will the gift subscription candles arrive?

    We ship out the first candle immediately. Our standard shipping takes 3-5 business days, so assume about a week. You can choose expedited shipping during checkout if desired. Future shipments ship on the 15th of each month when they're due a delivery.

  • How does a Keap gift card work?

    Our gift cards are virtual and are sent to the email given at checkout. You can then forward or print the giftcard for the giftee. They can spend it however they like, and gift cards can be spent in multiple transactions and on any Keap products.

Partnerships + Wholesale


  • Does Keap do custom/private label candles?

    We do not offer a full custom label service. However if you or your brand are looking to burn our candles, please complete this form. We will respond within 1-3 business days.

  • Can I get special pricing for a large order e.g. corporate gifts, weddings?

    We offer special terms for larger orders such as corporate gifts, wedding favors etc. Please contact us at and we'd be happy to share more details—we're delighted you're considering us.

  • Can I stock Keap at my store/salon/spa?

    We offer a Wholesale service for physical retail stores based in the U.S. For wholesale or partnership inquiries: Please complete this form. We will respond within 1-3 business days. We're delighted you're considering us.

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