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Summer Sabbatical: The Summer Break FAQ

An advanced notice about our upcoming June summer sabbatical. Read on for the background and more details.

We started Keap from a desire to help foster more connection in our lives: to the natural world, our loved ones, and our own spirits. This has to start with nurturing connection and care in our own lives.

We have always believed in the regenerative benefit of meaningful time away from work. This year, we’re happy to continue our company norm and take the time for team-wide rest and recuperation with a two-week full company break June 10-25th. Our goal is for you to not really notice that we went on break, while giving ourselves a good rest! 

We will ensure minimal disruption to our usual candle-making and level of care, and we’ve covered some common questions in a quick FAQ below.

With warmth and gratitude,

- Harry and the whole Keap team

When will you be closed?

We’ll be closed from Saturday, June 10th, until we return on Monday, June 26th. For our shipping status leading up to our break, see our shipping status page.

Will any shipping or customer support happen while you are closed? 

We will not be shipping, making candles, or answering emails during our break.

In the past, we have often found ourselves working during our vacations. It’s a particularly easy trap to fall into for small-business employees in today’s technological age. This past year has thrown into sharp relief the need to prioritize staying well. As a company, we strongly believe that taking true time away from work helps us stay healthy and reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones. I know we will come back from our summer break refreshed and inspired. As the (new) adage goes: Nobody wants burned-out candlemakers!

We will of course respond to your message once we return, and we will make sure you are well looked after.

Will my June subscription candle shipment be affected?

We plan to take our break as efficiently as possible such that your shipment has the least possible interruption.

  • June 8th*-16th shipments: We will move your shipment for June to process on June 5-6th and plan to ship these before our break.
  • June 17th-25th shipments: we will move your shipment for June to process on June 27-28th and plan to ship these as soon as possible after we return.

As usual, you will receive a reminder email 3 days before your June order, and you can contact us with any questions.

*note: while we’ll be officially open June 8-9th, we’ll be aiming to ship most orders out by June 7th to avoid them being in transit over the weekend, to limit the chance of melting.

Will June one-time candle shipments be affected?

If you place a regular order during our break please expect shipping delays in any orders placed between June 8th-25th. We will ship your order when we return the week of June 26th. 

We’ll be back before you know it! 

— The Keap Team

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