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7 simple steps to re-use your candle glass

Your candle is running low.
Warm memories.
Magical moments.
It's almost time to...
toss it in the trash? No!!

Candleholders are a breeze to repurpose—if you know how! We've put together this quick and easy guide with steps you can follow to re-use any candle glass, and avoid simply throwing it away. Time to give your candles a fitting send off.

It’s not easy, we know.

When your candle has 1/2 an inch of wax left (that's 1.25 cm for metric people), it's a good time to say your final farewell. Why not burn that half inch? Because it’s safer and avoids the glass getting too hot and potentially cracking.



If you have a Keap candle, simply peel the label off the front and base of the glass. Done! The fact that Keap labels are glue-less means they slip right off.


For any other candle you'll likely have to deal with a sticky label. Those pesky things can be frustrating to remove! Most labels are adhered with glue that can best be dissolved using rubbing alcohol.


keap candle labels off easy clean


 Put the candle in the freezer and leave for at least a few hours. We try to do it overnight. As wax cools, it shrinks. This helps to separate it from the glass. It also makes the consistency harder, which makes it easier to clean out.


keap candle in freezer



Stab the wax with a dull knife. You’re not trying to cut into the wax, just give it a good jolt. Sometimes, on the good karma days, the wax just pops out in one piece. It’s the wax equivalent of arriving on the subway platform just as your train pulls up. On other days, you have to 'poke' it a few more times until it cracks into 2-4 chunks. Remove the wax chunks and throw them in the trash.


keap candles crack the wax



We like using baby oil or olive oil for this. Oil helps dissolve the remaining wax. Give it a thorough wipe—you show that wax who's boss. Note: don’t use water yet; it will just spread any remaining wax without really removing it (remember that childhood chemistry lesson of how water and oil don’t mix?).



Now that you've gotten all the wax out, clean the glass in a dishwasher or sink, like any other dish. You know how this bit goes! Water, soap, sponge and some solid wrist action do the trick. Or if you have a dishwasher, that works too.


keap candles clean out glass



Behold: You are now the owner of a brand new glass receptacle. A universe of opportunity awaits you, limited only by your desires. Here are some of the ways we like to go wild:

    • Insert ice cubes. Serve beverage. Enjoy life.
    • Fill glass with water. Buy flowers. Trim and drop them in.
    • Loose change, writing supplies, paint brushes. Introduce them to their new glassy home.
    • Make-up makeover? Perfect for brushes to lipsticks.
    • Feeling meta? Pour another candle!




How do you re-use your Keap candleholder? Share a photo with us via email ( and we'll send you $10 store credit!

Note: it must be a Keap glass in order to get the credit.


keap candles reuse the glass

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