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Making Better Candles

Our regenerative approach

We started Keap to make better candles. Pouring them all at our Kingston, NY studio, see how we put the “better” into our candles on our journey to help restore you and the planet.
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Expertly-Crafted SCENTS

We capture the world’s most evocative scents with legendary master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel.

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By using innovative materials, our packaging is 100% plastic-free.

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We designed our candleholders to fit any space, and to be easy to repurpose. We use no adhesives so the labels and wicks are easy to remove.

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Coconut Wax

We use all-natural coconut wax for a clean and complete burn.

Our Blog


We are on a life-long learning journey, and openly share our lessons and stories from the studio as we go.

Love Letters

Loving care

We put a little love into each candle that we pour, and treat our customers like family. They share it back with us.

A Better Model

Straight from the maker

By buying candles straight from us you directly help support our vision for a regenerative future. You’ll appreciate the benefits and warm relationship that come with shopping from a local, long-term minded company.

Our candle subscription is the best way to support us since it helps us plan and grow in a healthy, sustainable way.

A Bright Idea

Candles can change the mood, and we believe
they can change the world too.
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Join us on a mission to create lasting benefits for our planet and all its people.

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How we are working to remove all waste from our business.