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The secret to a perfect scented candle is a simple set of materials: wax, fragrance, a wick and a container.

Which is why we couldn't understand that it was so hard to buy a candle that simply smelled and looked great, and didn't cost too much. Instead, we found two types of candle: ones that were cheap, toxic and fake smelling, or the ones that were a rip-off, and sold in intimidatingly pretentious stores.

Having burned many candles as roommates—on Keap Street in Brooklyn—we decided to investigate why things were the way they were. What started as a pet project, turned into something more. We Googled things, took perfumery courses, began making candles in our kitchens, and toured candle manufacturers. We discovered an archaic industry with massive incentives to use cheap, unsustainable materials (like paraffin); one that hid truths behind opaque branding.

So we started Keap to make candles better: a return to a purer product made with the best materials available at a fair price—nothing more, nothing less.

Well almost! We saw one thing to add: making a difference in the world. We started Keap as a Public Benefit Corporation (a new socially-minded entity type) from day one, with a dual mission to both make candles better and provide access to affordable, sustainable light to people living outside of the electrical grid. We’ve partnered with our friends at SolarAid to create a solar revolution: every candle we sell supports distribution costs to get the solar lamps to these communities through our Buy a Candle, Light a Home program.

We hope our candles find a new home in your space.

Steve & Harry


PBCs (Public Benefit Corporations) are for-profit companies that are obligated to consider the impact of their decisions on society, not only shareholders. Positive impact on society becomes part of a Benefit Corporation’s legally defined goals. See our cause to understand more about ours.

In the press

We're humbled to have been covered by some great journalists and publications—here are some of the highlights.