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Once Upon a Candle...

The Keap Story

A fine fragrance and a flickering flame can take you on a journey and inspire powerful moments of reflection.
They also sparked the idea for Keap.


Keap was born from a philosophical question: in an always-on world, how can we reconnect with ourselves and restore our balance with nature?

When we moved to Brooklyn, candles became our favored way to unwind from the crowds, commutes, and chaos. They represented the antithesis of our work lives in cubicles, glued to phone screens, chasing made-up deadlines and quarterly targets.

As we saw ourselves and others grow increasingly disconnected from the world around us —from nature, from our loved ones, and even from ourselves—we wondered how different things might look if more people took the time to light a candle each evening.

Inspired, we rolled up our sleeves, took perfumery classes, and toured factories. We saw the potential to create a candle that stood for something far greater than itself.

With a commitment to this idea, we are proud to now offer a candle that restores you and the planet: made with expertly crafted scents, virtually zero-waste, and helping build towards a regenerative future.

Together with a thriving community of Keapers, we are excited to bring more presence, more connection, and more light into the world.

We hope you join us!

Keap the fire burning,

Steve & Harry

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Join us on a mission to create lasting benefits for our planet and all its people.

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How we are working to remove all waste from our business.

In the press

“Changing the high-end candle industry for good” — Lonny