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Better for the planet

We can do better than reducing our impact, and actually make things better for you, society and the planet. We see ourselves as stewards of business and the planet for future generations.


Materials that bio-degrade help create regenerative, healthy cycles within our ecosystems. We use no plastics in our product.

We use Ecovative’s Mushroom® packaging for our subscription shipments, which can be popped straight in the compost bin labels and all.

We also use PureLabel’s bio-degradable labels on our candles, removing the last piece of plastic we used in production.

How to


Our candleholders are easy to repurpose as drinking glasses—every element is easy to remove.

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If you can't re-use your glass, you can now return it to us free of charge through our recycling program. We aim for 100% diversion from landfill.