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Want to try our scents first? Choose between two sets of 4 mini candles, or get both to try all of our scents.

Free shipping is included, and we will also send you a store credit of $12 towards a new Keap subscription.

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Pick at least one set to try our scents.

Try the scents

Choose one (or both) scent sets that you'd like to try. Each mini candle burns for an hour or two, perfect for an evening's escape.

How It Works

Sample each candle in your own space. Burn each one, and learn what fragrance works best for you.

When you order Scent-to-Home, we also send you $12 of store credit towards a Keap subscription.


Masterful scents

Natural coconut wax, 45 hour burn time

Reusable, returnable candleholder

Made ethically in our Brooklyn, NY studio

Biodegradable, plastic-free packaging

Shipping + Help

We ship straight from our Brooklyn studio across the USA. Free shipping for subscribers, and for orders of $50 or more.
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