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Cotton Magnolia

In the dream everything was clean and calm, a rumpled bed in a high-ceilinged room, the scent of magnolia pouring across the veranda and through the open window. Lie here with your face turned to the sun and watch the white curtains billow, see the clouds float across the blue sky.

Poem by Rawaan Alkhatib

The Scent

A cool breeze billows in through an open window, bringing in the fresh scent of sheets drying in the sun.

Perfect for adding a luxurious touch to a living room, and an excuse to put your feet up.

Includes the following key notes:


"I took a trip to New Orleans in the late spring. The Southern magnolias were in full bloom, and the air was uncharacteristically cool and crisp. As I wandered home (after a few drinks in the Marigny) the scent of night blooming jasmine filled the air."

"I recall a recent holiday where I woke up to a bright, blue-sky morning peeping through the blinds. The wind kicked a light breeze through the open window, and I lay there still and perfectly content. Wrapped up in soft, fresh sheets and all day to do nothing."

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