Your Basket
You open your door to find a little bouquet,
soft flowers that tumble into a cascade
of velvety petals when you pick it up.

They look like summer.

Like long vistas of lavender fields
lit by warm suns.

Whatever troubles you, set it aside.

Find a vase for your posy.
Breathe deep.

Poem by Rawaan Alkhatib

Lavender + Petals

The Scent

A wander through floral fields blends aromatic lavender with soft, delicate florals, creating a dewy bouquet.

Perfect for a calm moment to yourself, and getting away from it all.

The Memories

“I was in Grasse, the home of perfumery, in the south of France. The town is nestled up on the side of a hill. We found a cafe, ordered a coffee, and peered out at the land laid below us. The land was a patchwork of lilacs, purples, mauves, and greens. Floral fields as far as you could see.”

“For someone who swoons at the scent of fresh flowers. This smells exactly like you’re walking through a field of lavender with your nose buried in a bouquet of peonies (we’d imagine)”
The New York Times

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Key Notes

Lavender Absolute: Several extracts of French lavandin flower and twig provide a strong aromatic core.

Neroli: A silky, velvety floral note that helps brings a satin quality to the bouquet.

Mimosa: A voluptuous, soft floral note that evokes childhood warmth.

Gardenia: Brings a gentle light floral and citrus touch, purifying and slightly aromatic.

Vetiver: This woody note brings a touch of dryness that helps the scent stay grounded.

Cloves: A hint of this warm, aromatic spice helps deepen the scent.

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November 2021

“My husband loves it and our house has smelled incredible this week!”

Full Letter

Dear Keap,

I just wanted to let you know that we received the candle and my family is absolutely loving it! Your simple label is beautiful and goes with any decor.

My husband loves it because it doesn't have an overly feminine scent. Our house has smelled incredible this week!

You truly have an amazing product line.

— Christine, New Hampshire

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