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Keap + Jono Pandolfi Candle

Small-Batch Edition✨

Keap + Jono Pandolfi Designs Candle

A candle designed to last a lifetime: we worked with ceramicist Jono Pandolfi — who primarily makes dinnerware for leading restaurants and chefs — to create a hand-made vessel for our candle for the first time.

Each candle is poured into a toasted clay tumbler with Keap's fall-favorite Wood Cabin scent, blended with coconut wax.

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This limited edition item was launched in December 2022.

Jono Pandolfi x Keap

Small-Batch Edition

A regeneratively-made candle, poured into a stunning hand-thrown ceramic tumbler — reusable for years to come.

Each ceramic tumbler is hand-thrown and glazed in Union City, NJ by Jono's team of artisans, and is both beautiful and durable (dishwasher + microwave safe!).

Credit: Liz Clayman

The Ceramic

Hand-thrown in Union City, NJ

A durable tumbler favored by top chefs

The Candle

Expertly crafted, nature-inspired scents

Clean-burning coconut wax, 45hr. burn

Reusable ceramic tumbler

Made ethically in our Kingston, NY studio

Biodegradable, plastic-free packaging

Straight from the maker

Deep in the greenwoods, a mountain rises above the trees.

Water sings around you in cascades and ripples;
the waterfall is edged with mossy boulders.

Dried leaves crackle underfoot;
a wisp of smoke curls above—you’ve reached the cabin,
lit the kindling stacked waiting for you in the fireplace.

Shut the door against the wilderness and welcome the night.

Poem by Rawaan Alkhatib

The Scent

Wood Cabin

Reminiscent of a hike in the mountains in the fall, and stopping at a wooden refuge for a break. Capturing the sights of waterfalls, dried leaves, wet stones, moss, and colorful trees.

Perfect for bedrooms, fire sides, and those who aren't afraid of something deep, dark and mysterious.

The Memories

“Driving upstate to Vermont to venture into the wilderness. It's amazing how quickly you feel a connection with nature again once you leave the city. The leaves rustling in the wind and that familiar smell of pine”

“Lush evergreen boughs, freshly cut firewood, and moss-covered bark. You can almost feel the scratchiness of a Pendleton wool blanket draped over your shoulders.”
The New York Times

Key Notes

Cade Juniper: Dry mediterranean wilderness, brings a “smoky” fireplace-like aspect.

Cedar Wood: Woody, dry, reminiscent of a pencil tip, fresh wood shavings, and slightly ambery.

Wet Moss: Brings some soft dampness, earthiness, and greenness to balance out some of the drier aspects of the fragrance.

Nutmeg: The South East Asian spice adds powdery and spicy aspects that help bring out some of the lower dark notes.

Guaiac Wood: Coming from the Palo Santo tree, this exotic wood note has tar-like, phenolic facets, imparting an almost holy smokiness.

Burnt Pine: These little guys bring a fresh spiciness that gives an uplifting sensation, and a sense of “the great outdoors”.

Credit: Liz Clayman

Credit: Liz Clayman

Small-Batch Edition Questions

What size is the ceramic candle?

The candle is the same size as our classic, full-size candles at 7.4oz / 45 hour burn time. The ceramic vessel is equivalent to a 10oz. whiskey tumbler or tea mug.

Can the ceramic be reused after burning?

Yes! After finishing your candle, simply pop it in the freezer and use a blunt knife to crack out any remaining chunks of wax. Since the tumbler is dishwasher-safe you can then run it through your next dishwashing cycle or hand-wash, and you’ll have a beautiful new ceramic tumbler to call your own. The ceramic is microwave and dishwasher-proof, and will be durable for years to come.

What scent is the candle?

Each candle is poured with Keap's fall-favorite Wood Cabin scent blended with coconut wax.

Is the ceramic candle available for purchase?

This small-batch edition collaboration is sold out and not currently available. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on future launches.

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