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We rotate our Seasonal Scent each month in the hopes that each new scent creates an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the changes we see in nature throughout the year.
The Seasonal Scent is exclusively available to subscribers during the month it is featured for a few reasons — mostly having to do with inventory forecasting and management so we can fulfill our subscription orders each month. While we are happy to be able to offer our subscribers special access to scents, we also have a wonderful community of newsletter readers who may not subscribe to our candles, but do actively support our mission.
Each time you write back to our emails or forward our newsletter to a friend or place a one-off order on our site, you help us to create the moments of connections that are central to our purpose.
As a thank you for being a part of our community, each month we release a limited quantity of last month’s Seasonal Scent and only share the password to shop in our newsletter. We realize that some questions might come up, so we have answered some of your questions related to these Limited Releases below.

What is a Limited Release?

Each month we release a limited amount of last month’s Seasonal Scent for our community of newsletter readers to shop.
If you are signed up for our newsletter, you’ll receive an email announcing when this month’s release will go live a few days in advance, and then on the day of the release, we will email you a link and a password to access the page.
Once the release sells out, the scent is retired until the following year.

How can I access the Limited Release?

If you are already signed up for our newsletter, you will receive an email on the day of the release. In that email, we’ll send you a link to the password-protected shopping page and the password. Once you enter the password, you can shop as usual!
If you aren’t yet signed up for our newsletter, you can join here. If there is a Limited Release going on when you sign up, you’ll receive an email with the link and password shortly after signing up.
We also add the Limited Release shopping page to our site menu under “Shop” during the release, though you will need the password to access it for the first time.

Why do I need to join the newsletter to access the release?

In short, the fragrance for each Seasonal Scent is limited, so we want to ensure folks who support us by reading, sharing, and responding to our newsletters get first dibs on that inventory before it’s gone.
Longer, Keap’s purpose is to foster connections in an always on world. As a result, we like to think of each interaction you have with Keap as building a long-term relationship with you, not just another transaction.
Applied to marketing, that has meant leaving social media where we were just one more company trying to grab at your attention on addictive platforms and reinvesting that energy into our newsletter. Some beautiful correspondences have developed from replies to our newsletter, which we’re then able to share back to the rest of our readers as we take steps toward building a regenerative online community.
Applied to our product, it has meant simplifying our offering so that we can focus on ensuring each candle that arrives on your doorstep is the best quality possible. Plus, by only offering our two Signature Scents and one Seasonal Scent at a time, our team’s testing (did you know that we retest and select new wicks every time we start a new batch of wax or fragrance?!) and pouring schedule are far more efficient, which in turn allows us to fulfill your orders in a more timely manner.

Is the password case-sensitive?

Yes! We typically put it in all caps.

I’m looking for a particular scent. When will it be released?

You can find our most up-to-date scent calendar here. Each scent is offered exclusively to subscribers during the month noted on this page, and you can typically expect a Limited Release for that scent the following month.
Can’t wait? Consider becoming a subscriber for guaranteed access to Seasonal Scents during the month they are featured among other perks!

Is this really the only opportunity for me to purchase this scent?

Yes and no. The Limited Release is the only guaranteed opportunity to purchase this scent for the year.

We aim to have two Special Releases each year where we offer multiple Seasonal Scents for a short time, and we’ve historically done one of these releases in March and one in November. The scents that are available depend on ingredient availability, so while you may see your favorite scent return during Special Releases, we can’t guarantee it.
We also are planning some pop-ups and other retail events throughout the year, and we sometimes are able to offer very small quantities of these scents in person.
Lastly, we work with some wonderful retail partners, so you can always reach out to us by email (, and we’ll be more than happy to share a list of stores to contact who may have the scent you’re looking for.

What is the difference between the packaging-light 6-pack and the way candles usually ship?

Our candles usually ship in a rigid black gift box that contains a set of matches, a dust cover that doubles as a coaster, an informational insert, and of course your candle!
Our packaging-light 6-packs don’t include the gift boxes, matches, or informational insert. Your shipping box will only contain the 6 candles and dust covers to protect them while in transit.

Why are the 6-packs so discounted?

The packaging-light format is less costly for a few reasons. First, because they don’t include our gift packaging and other accoutrement, we’re able to pass on the savings from omitting those materials to you. They also are far more efficient for us to package and ship, so we’re able to translate those time savings into a lower price for you!

I like the packaging-light format. Can I get that option in a different quantity?

We’re so glad you like the format, but we’re not currently able to offer it for other quantities.
Making packaging that is both waste-consciously minimal and able to keep glass vessels safe as they make their way across the country is a challenge! Though we managed to successfully design shipping boxes that meet both these goals (with the help of a wonderful local partner!), they are optimized for quantities of 6.
If we don’t fill all 6 spaces in the box, it greatly increases the chances of the candles shifting, and therefore breaking during transit.

Do you offer 6-packs of Wood Cabin or Lavender + Petals?

While we don’t regularly offer 6-packs in our Signature Scents, we do try to offer each once a year for the Wood Cabin and Lavender + Petals super fans out there! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified when these are released.

How quickly will my order ship?

You can find the latest on our shipping lead times over on this page, which we update weekly!
If your order is time sensitive, shoot us an email at, and we’ll do our best to get your order to you quickly.

You mentioned inventory is limited. How limited?

It varies from month to month! While we do our best to predict demand for each scent and plan accordingly, there are a variety of factors that can affect the amount of inventory we have for our release each month. We recommend shopping early to avoid disappointment.

I’m interested in this scent, but wish I could smell it first. Can I get a sample?

Our Scent-to-Home Sampler Set includes a baby tealight in the scent of next month’s Limited Release and the following month’s Limited Release so that you can smell them in advance of purchasing.

I’m a subscriber, does my subscriber discount work for Limited Release purchases?

Yes! You must be logged in to our site for the code to work, and if you’ve used it before, it should automatically apply for you when you’re logged in. If you experience any issues logging in, reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to lend a hand!
We put together this post to answer some additional subscriber-specific questions relating to our monthly releases that you might find helpful.

I’m not a subscriber. Why do subscribers get early access to these scents?

By setting up recurring orders, our wonderful candle subscribers make it possible for us to have the independence and long-term resilience (read: cashflow) to pursue our regenerative vision in a meaningful way.
The subscription model also allows us to more accurately predict the demand for each scent, which in turn helps us  better plan our material purchasing and production. We aim to produce enough of each scent for both our subscribers and our newsletter readers, but because our subscribers’ financial commitment provide us the means to bring these Seasonal Scents to life each month, we like to show our appreciation with first dibs on our limited inventory.
If you’re interested in supporting our work (and early access, additional discounts, and more perks!), you can learn about the Keap subscription here.

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