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Subscriber Last Chance FAQ

Each month we offer our subscribers exclusive access to our Seasonal Scent of the month, and the following month, we release any remaining inventory to our newsletter readers.
But, before we send the link out for our entire newsletter community to shop the Limited Release, we like to give our subscribers first dibs on that limited inventory.
It is thanks to our wonderful candle subscribers that we are able to have the independence and long-term resilience (read: cashflow) to bring these special seasonal scents to life each month, so this early access is one small way we are able to show our appreciation of your support.

How can subscribers access the Last Chance candles? I can’t find them on the site.

We send an email to subscribers with a link to a password-protected shopping page and the password to access it.
You must be signed up for our newsletter (i.e. opted in to marketing communications) to receive these emails. Otherwise, you will only receive emails from us regarding your orders.

Can I add my Last Chance candles to my next subscription order in the customer portal?

Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer last  month’s Seasonal Scent as an option in the subscriber portal.
Without getting into too many boring details, current website / technical constraints mean the inventory mechanics of subscription orders are different from the mechanics of one-off orders placed through the website. Offering it in both places at the same time would greatly increase the chances of overselling, and we wouldn’t want to risk letting you purchase one only to later find out we don’t actually have your candle in stock.
However, you can always order more of the current  Seasonal Scent of the month through the subscriber portal!
If you know in advance that you love a particular scent based on the preview tealight or because you’ve received it in prior years, you can always add an extra candle to your subscription shipment that month. Learn how to add one to your regular subscription order here or add one directly from the reminder email sent 3 days before your subscription processes.
If you receive your subscription and realize you definitely would like more of this Seasonal Scent, you can order additional candles through the portal as long as they are set to ship before the end of this month. Learn how to set up a one-off order in the subscriber portal here.
We realize this might be tough for those folks whose candles ship at the end of the month — if you are interested in having the option to order more of the Seasonal Scent before the end of the month, you can adjust your subscription to ship earlier in the month. Learn how to adjust your subscription date here.

Can my Last Chance order ship with my subscription?

If you have more than one order in our shipping queue headed to the same address, we typically will combine your shipments. For folks with subscriptions that process early in the month, the chances of this happening are high, and we are happy to ship these orders together.
However, if your subscription order hasn’t processed by the time your Last Chance order makes it into our queue, we will ship your Last Chance order separately so you don’t have to wait too long!

Can I get my Last Chance candles in subscription packaging?

We currently only offer our Black Box and 6-Pack packaging light options during the Last Chance sale. Again, the details are a bit boring, but there are some technical challenges to making both packaging styles available simultaneously. We hope to be able to fix this in future!
However, extra candles ordered with your subscription or through the subscriber portal can come in regular subscription packaging and you can order additional Seasonal Scent candles any time before the end of the month.
Learn how to order one with your regular subscription here or separately through the portal here.

Can I get my Last Chance candles at the subscription price?

We do not offer the Last Chance candles at the subscription price, but subscribers get 10% off all orders with the code KeaperDiscount. You must be logged in to our site for the code to work, and if you’ve used it before, it should automatically apply for you when you’re logged in. If you experience any issues logging in, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to lend a hand!If you purchase 2 or more candles, the multi-pack discount combined with the subscriber discount comes out to $44.50/candle or lower. For the greatest possible savings, you can use your subscriber discount on the packaging-light 6-pack, which brings the price per candle down to $31 per candle!

Do subscribers get free shipping on Last Chance orders?

If you order 8 or more candles through our website, shipping is free! For smaller one-off orders, we do not offer free shipping.
However, subscribers do receive free shipping on all subscription orders (i.e. orders placed through the subscriber portal), so you can always order more of the Seasonal Scent with free shipping before the change of the month.
Learn how to order one with your regular subscription here or separately through the portal here.

Can I still shop the Last Chance Sale after the Limited Release to the entire newsletter has begun?

Absolutely! While we give subscribers early access to the shopping page, your subscriber discount will work regardless of the timing. The only caveat is that we have limited inventory of last month’s scent, so the longer you wait, the greater the chance that it may sell out.
As always, if you have any additional questions, please email!

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