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Choose your first candle scent and shipping frequency. Your first candle will ship immediately, and you can always adjust your subscription preferences later.

Made with expertly-crafted scents and coconut wax in a reusable glass tumbler. 7.4oz / 45 hour burn time each.

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Subscribers get free shipping and save $10 per candle (vs. one-off price, $54.50). Any questions? Email us or chat with us.

A regenerative candle journey

Join the Keap candle subscription and enjoy a monthly restorative ritual inspired by seasonal scents and a zero-waste approach.

You’ll receive candles as often as you like with monthly artwork and uplifting stories inside.

How It Works

Our most popular subscription option, the Seasonal Scent features a unique, nature-inspired scent each month.

Wood Cabin, our most popular scent of all time, is also available as a subscription option every month.

Change the scent between Seasonal and Wood Cabin, skip a shipment, or cancel anytime.

See the scents of 2023

January - Hot Springs

February - Wild Figs

March - Grapefruit + Yuzu

April - Green Market

May - Cotton Magnolia

June - Waves

July - Isle of Jasmine

August - Lavender + Petals

September - Canyons

October - Reading Room

November - Wood Cabin

December - Northlands

Regenerative Approach

Expertly crafted, nature-inspired scents

Clean-burning coconut wax, 45-hour burn

Reusable, recyclable drinks tumbler

Made ethically in our Kingston, NY studio

Biodegradable, plastic-free packaging

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The Seasonal Scent

June: Waves

Sea Salt, Driftwood + Ocean Air

Feels like: floating, suspended in water

Available to subscribers in June 2023

The Signature Scent

Wood Cabin

Cedar, Palo Santo + Fireside Embers

Feels like: taking a hike in the woods

Always available to subscribers and for one-off purchases

What's Included

Dive into our current Seasonal member shipment containing a Waves candle, a tealight preview of next month’s seasonal scent (Isle of Jasmine), plus a limited-edition art card, matchbook, and coaster inspired by this month's scent.

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One Candle per Month

Most popular - Ideal if you light candles on a weekly basis

Two Candles per Month

Perfect if you light candles on a daily basis - Save an extra $10 thanks to shipping savings

Four Candles per Month

For enthusiasts and those who like to stay stocked up on gifts - Save an extra $30 thanks to shipping savings

One Candle every Two Months

For the part time candle burners, or if you are new to candles

Subscriber Benefits

Exclusive access to the seasonal scent of the month

First dibs on limited releases

$10+ savings on subscription candles

Free shipping on subscription orders

10% off one-time orders

A tealight preview of next month's seasonal scent

Monthly art cards and coasters inspired by the seasonal scent of the month

Limited edition matchbooks

Compostable mushroom packaging

Reminders before each order so you can change your scent, skip, or cancel before it ships

January 2022
Candle Gratitude

“Since becoming a subscriber in 2019, my monthly candle ritual has floated me through so much.”

Full Letter

Dear Keap,

Just wanna say I'm so grateful for your amazing candles.

I became a candle subscriber in 2019, and since then, the monthly candle ritual has floated me through a big job change, 2020 lockdown in Brooklyn, creating holiday space & closeness when having to be socially distanced, a summer under the sun with family, a New England house hunt, and soon your candles will be making my new house a real home!

I've sent your candles as gifts to many friends who need some light in their life.

Thanks for doing what you're doing and making such a wonderful product with so much care & attention to even the minutest details.

—Jess, Maine

Common questions

How does the Seasonal Scent option work?

Each month we choose a scent to match the season from our growing range of nature-inspired scents! Those who are subscribed to ‘Seasonal Scent’ receive this monthly curated selection. This selection can be switched to Wood Cabin, skipped, or canceled at any time.

How will I know the smell of the next Seasonal Scent?

Each month we include a tealight of next month's Seasonal Scent in your shipment, so you can use your own nose to get to know it! You can always make a change to your account before your next order if you don’t want to receive that scent. If you don’t mind spoilers, you can also see the full calendar of upcoming scents on our Scents page.

Can I subscribe to a specific scent instead of the Seasonal Scent?

Yes! Revisit the warmth and comfort of Wood Cabin every month (or as often as you’d like) by signing up for the Wood Cabin Subscription. A Keap classic and far-and-away fan favorite, Wood Cabin is our only scent available year-round.
Once subscribed, you can switch between Wood Cabin and the Seasonal Scent anytime.

When will I receive my first candle?

Your first candle will ship immediately, and subsequent candles will ship on the same day of following months. If you order on the 31st of a month, this will adjust to the 30th of future months.

Can I adjust shipments if I need to?

Yes! You can always change your scent, frequency, quantity, cancel, or skip deliveries. We'll send you an email three days before its shipment to check your preferences.

Can I let you know scent preferences?

Yes! After you subscribe, just drop us a note at, and we can accommodate any preferences. If you prefer not to receive this month’s Seasonal Scent, you can switch to Wood Cabin or skip a shipment. If there are scents you love, you can always stock up on those during the month they are in season.

Can I save by buying more candles?

Yes! We offer multi-pack discounts. If you subscribe to:
▶ Two candles per delivery, you save an additional $10.
▶ Four candles per delivery you save an additional $30.
If you need any help setting this up in your account email us at

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel at any time. The subscription discount requires at least two shipments. If you cancel after just one shipment, no problem. In that case, we’ll simply charge you back the subscription discount of $10 to reflect a one-off purchase.

How do I gift a subscription?

We offer Pre-paid gift subscriptions. Simply purchase and put the recipients shipping address instead of yours. .

Can I buy a candle just once?

Yes, you can buy our Wood Cabin candle just once here.

Looking to make a one-time purchase of this month’s scent? The limited-edition Seasonal Scent is only available to subscribers. If candles are still available at the end of the month, we offer a limited release for anyone who wants to snag one (or more!) before it’s gone until next year. Sign up for our newsletter for access and details.

Note: the only way to be guaranteed access to our seasonal scent is by joining our candle subscription.

Is there a limit to how many times I can skip shipments?

No, you can skip shipments as much as you like.

Do subscribers get discounts on non-subscription Keap products?

Yes! Subscribers also get 10% off everything else on our website.

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