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You are floating, water-cradled, suspended and dreaming; a glittering sun-lit scatter of diamonds in the peripheries of your vision. Briny air and tiny lapping wavelets, sunlight rippling across and under and through the water and your skin and the sand beneath you, sea and sky and self in joyous conspiracy.

Poem by Rawaan Alkhatib

The Scent

We all have warm memories of being by the ocean, and this scent will take you there—fresh air, and warm sand underfoot. Sea salt, dry grasses and driftwoods mingle in the light breeze.

Perfect for day dreams, bathrooms, and those in search of seaside-cabins-upon-the-city.

Includes the following key notes:


"A trip to Sicily, a volcanic island off the Umbrian peninsula. In some areas the sand is black from lava rock. Lying in the sea hours go by, and it's only the setting sun that reminds me to go home"

"In early fall I travel to Province Town, which lies at the end of Cape Cod. The Summer crowds are gone, but nature remains. The air is light, crispp and already anticipating the coming cold. There's always one last warm summer day though."

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