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Tumbler ReUse: Fantastic Fix-ins

We put together a quick and easy guide with steps you can follow to re-use any candle glass, and now we're sharing some fun things to do with your new collection of tumblers.

On nights when dining out isn’t an option, I love recreating my favorite meals at home. 🌮

For taco night, I reused my Keap tumblers for the margaritas and all the taco accoutrements. The candle glasses make a perfect vessel for all the fix-ins, and presenting the dish in a beautiful way makes it feel more special, too. Try this for your next night in!

Can you spot how many tumblers I used? And I'm curious, what’s your favorite, must-have taco topping? 


    —Jess from Keap

    P.S. to see other Tumbler ReUse ideas head to our archive of past ReUse posts.

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