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Tumbler ReUse: Falling Into Fig Cocktail

We put together a quick and easy guide with steps you can follow to re-use any candle glass, and now we're sharing some fun things to do with your new collection of tumblers.

Figs are an incredibly versatile fruit that can be paired with both savory and sweet dishes, but if you’re looking to use this tasty fruit in another way, try pairing it with a cocktail.


Inspired by our seasonal scent for November, Wild Figs, I decided to repurpose this month’s @keapbk glassware by adding a twist on the classic Bourbon and Honey cocktail with an additional ingredient: fig! 

We generally house a bottle of Bourbon in our freezer, so the most difficult find was the star of the cocktail. Black Mission Figs are a beautiful deep purple, almost black in color and add a level of sophistication to any food (or drink). The sweetness of the muddled fig, apple cider, and bourbon compliments the tartness of the lemon. It was delicious!

“Falling into Fig” Ingredients: 

  • 4 Black Mission figs (muddled), 
  • 1.5oz Bourbon, 
  • 1 T honey, 
  • Splash of Apple Cider, 
  • 2 T fresh lemon juice, 
  • Sprig of Rosemary, Lemon Slice, 1 Fig for garnish.


If you have been a Keap subscriber for a while, you’ve more than likely accumulated quite a few glasses, and I highly recommend giving a fig-based drink a go in the coming weeks. 

Do you have your own favorite fig-based recipes or ways to upcycle your tumblers? Leave us a comment below, or better yet, tag us @keapbk


Yasmine from Keap

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