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Taking Time for One Another: Company Days at Keap

This September we took some time as a full team at Keap to meet together for Company Days to rekindle connection and consider our larger plans for the future of Keap.


We called this time together 'Company Days’ and one of our first tasks was to rename it to something more memorable. After a fun brainstorming session, we chose ‘Candleganza Extravaganza’! 🥳 We laughed a lot but also reflected on a series of topics affecting our day to day lives in the workplace and considered ways to reconnect with our culture, ourselves and our community.

There were a number of highlights throughout our time together as you’ll see below. My personal favorite was a walk we took together at the Marblehead Rail Trail nearby. Thanks to Sea and Ashley on the team — both seasoned foragers, skilled in the art of naming plants and spotting funghi —we all learned to see the natural world with new eyes. It was a reminder of the magic all around us when we pay attention.

After the challenging past year, we feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend this time together. We are always so thankful for the Keap Community’s support, and I hope you enjoy taking a glimpse into what we were up to during this time!

— Ali from Keap



This is where the magic happens 🪄! Inside the Keap studio in Kingston, NY.


Here’s where all your monthly tealight candles live.


Look at these beauties ready to be shipped.



Fresh blooms growing in the back of the studio in Kingston.


Summer oyster mushrooms growing wild.


Ashley, our funghi expert, teaching us about oyster mushrooms.





Violet Coral fungus in all their glory.



We were all in awe of the detail on the turkey tail mushroom.


 Sea, our plant master, showing us the beauty of Solomon's Seal red berries.


A little phasmid friend sitting on a Sassafras albidum tree.  


Entrance to the Marblehead Rail Trail in Kingston.


The gang’s all here! (From left to right: Philip, Sofia, Sea, Ashley, Harry, Ali, and Steve)


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