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Studio Series: What does it mean for Keap to be a B Corp?

Our Studio Series highlights moments that happen in the Keap studio throughout our week. From the magic to the mundane, enjoy this lens into our Brooklyn candle studio.

Hi there! This is Soo,

Keap's candle making lead, sharing a quarantine update from my Brooklyn apartment 👋

In this new reality of COVID-19, one truth remains that collective action is the most effective and most difficult. While we stay home and do our part to flatten the curve, we are collectively acting for the greater community and our most vulnerable loved ones.

Another existing truth that has come to light are the strong, unwavering values of an upstanding B Corp. like Keap.
With every new Coronavirus update, Keap has delicately delivered every decision with the deepest concerns on how this impacts their workers, customers, and the community.

As a gay, Asian-American womxn it has been incredibly difficult to witness the bigotry and hate towards people who merely look like me because of semantics surrounding this global pandemic.

Keap, on the other hand, choosing to be a force for good continues to listen and support employees like me who want to thrive, not just survive within the context of culture and practices that often marginalize womxn of color and queer folx. This also holds evident within the larger B Lab community which is financially investing in B Corp collective action groups such as Dismantle Collective & #WeTheChange.

Members of the The Dismantle Collective at their Unconference

With all that said, even in today's reality I am thriving at home, feeling grateful and stronger than ever together with Keap

Your humbled candlemaker,

— Soo from Keap

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