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Stability Amidst The Surreal

Dear Keapers,

Update, 3/22: We had hoped to continue pouring and shipping candles to you as a source of comfort and stability in the weeks ahead. However as per the executive order from NY State Governor, Andrew Cuomo, we will be temporarily closing our studio for the time being to help flatten the curve. 

We are still taking  orders at this time. Use code “ShipLater” to save 10% on any order, and we will ship to you as soon as we are able. Given the uncertainty of when we can ship again, please only do this if you are comfortable with waiting for your candles. 


Update, 3/11: We started Keap to bring connection back into our lives.

Now in these surreal times, connection feels more necessary than ever.

We hope we can help you maintain a sense of stability and groundedness in your life in the coming weeks and months. 

— We plan to keep pouring candles and shipping out to you for as long as we are able to do it safely. We are helping our team avoid mass transit and have scheduled only one person to be in our studio at a time to reduce risks of any transmission. Some delays are expected due to these modifications, but we will get you your candles with the same love and care you are accustomed to.

— We’ll also keep sending the stories and email updates from the studio that we usually do, and continue posting to our Instagram about candles, our community and our inspiration from nature.

— If you find yourself with more time on your hands, send us a note! We’re here and we’re looking for some fun distractions. Perhaps there’s a question you’ve always wanted to know about scent, candles or Keap. Send it our way and we’ll do our best to get back to you with an answer.

Your candle orders at this moment are giving us the reason and the ability to continue. If you’d like to share love with someone you can’t currently visit, consider sending them a candle to keep them in good company — a gift subscription will provide them a nice treat to look forward to for many months. Buying a gift subscription will also directly help us with cash flow, and to provide the Keap team job certainty during this uncertain time.

Thanks for the love and keep the fire burning,

— The Keap Team

— Most of the Keap team at our volunteering event in February, at Materials For The Arts in Queens, NY.

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