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A few weeks ago I shared that we were moving from Brooklyn to Kingston, in the Hudson Valley.

Last week we packed up our space in Brooklyn and loaded it into moving vans, and this week we have been unloading, unpacking, building, and getting our new studio ready for action.

The exciting news is that everything went smoothly and safely and we’re ready to get back to candle-making and shipping next week! There’s still plenty of work to do, but we can begin tackling these ongoing improvements over time (did you see the new studio tour I shared earlier this month?).

I feel a mix of excitement and nostalgia as I write this. Moving had presented a fitting distraction from all the other things going on in the country and the world, while also presenting an obvious moment to pause and look back over our formative five years.

Harry, test-pouring some very early Keap candles in 2015.


As we packed up in Brooklyn we unearthed mementos of the earliest days of Keap, from early test candles, to photos, to some of the fragrances that never made it. 2015 feels like many decades ago! Yet I remember so vividly the feelings of those early days, before we’d even poured a candle or knew what we’d call them. I remember our first Kickstarter, and the excitement of sending out our first shipments. I also remember the quieter weeks, filled with uncertainty, selling just a handful of candles.


Our first space in Brooklyn feels like many moons ago.


Yet fast-forward and here we are: making the boldest move since we started, and feeling more certain of where we’re headed than ever before. So much of this certainty is rooted in your support for our candles and our vision for a just and regenerative future.

Yesterday the wisteria seedlings were planted outside our new studio–like us, ready to grow and flourish in their new home. 🌱🌿

As I find myself shifting from looking backwards to looking forward, allow me to share my eternal thanks for bringing our dreams to life and joining us on this journey.

Onwards to the future,

— Stephen from Keap

Our new space is taking shape quickly!

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