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Mushrooms + Supply Chains: A Temporary Change to our Subscription Packaging

We wanted to let our subscribers know that their subscription candle may arrive in our black gift-box packaging as opposed to our typical Mushroom Packaging this month.

As you may know, our Mushroom Packaging is quite literally grown to order from agricultural waste and bound together by the roots of mushrooms (known as mycelium). Mushroom Packaging has the potential to radically decrease our dependence on plastics and fossil fuels. 

Unfortunately the US-based supply of agricultural waste was severely impacted by the droughts and severe heat of the summer. Our supplier shared the news last week that we won’t be receiving our regular deliveries of Mushroom Packaging for the next few weeks. (It’s worth noting that global supply chains are struggling more generally as we enter the holiday season.)

Thankfully, we have our classic black gift-box packaging that we can ship our candles inside instead. So we plan to continue shipping your candle with this packaging, with your usual subscription accoutrement alongside. 

If you receive a gift-boxed candle this month, I hope that it might even prove useful as we enter this period of gift-giving. I also find they double nicely as an elegant storage container after-use.

Thanks for your understanding and we’re here if you have any questions,

— Stephen and the Keap team

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