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Making Time for One Another: Our 2nd Annual Candleganza Extravaganza

This September, we took some time to come together for our second annual Candleganza Extravaganza 🥳 new introductions were made, meaningful connections were fostered, and many exciting conversations were had about the future of keap.

What we once called 'Company Days,' we now call our 'Candleganza Extravaganza' (renamed after a fun brainstorming session last year). Our annual Ganza is when we come together as a team to make introductions and deepen connections with one another at our headquarters in Kingston, NY. 

We started the Ganza off with a visit to Jono Pandolfi's sun-soaked ceramic studio in New Jersey. It was a wonderful day filled with ample discussion and a tour through the inspiring spaces of the old Yardley Soap Building in Union City. 

We spent the next two days at the Kingston, NY studio discussing the future of Keap. The team dove headfirst into workshops and conversations about how to better the company holistically and provocating notions of what makes a nimble, regenerative business in 2022. We even had a laughter-filled trivia night down the street at Rough Draft Bar & Books, where enough inside jokes were created to last until next year's Ganza. We culminated the retreat with a visit to Onteora Lake, where we could gaze at a lovely vista while indulging in some locally made ice cream. 

After the past few challenging years, we feel so grateful to get to spend this time together. We are always so thankful for the Keap Community's support, and we hope you enjoyed a glimpse into what we're up to at Keap!

— Tess from Keap 

Moments from our candleganza extravaganza!

We kicked off the Ganza with a field trip to Jono Pandolfi's studio in Union City, NJ.

A poster from Ghost's most iconic scene welcomes everyone into the studio.

Some of our collaborative ceramic dishes for our restaurant partners spotted in Jono’s studio.

Wood Cabin burning brightly in Jono's studio in Union City, NJ.

Back in historic Kingston, NY, for the second leg of our Ganza.

Trivia Night in beautiful Rough Draft Bar & Books.

At Keap, we always love a good pun 😄 like this one spotted at Rough Draft.

One of the lovely views at Onteora Lake.

Sumac bloomin'!

The Keap Team (also bloomin')!

More scenes of the Keap team enjoying some time together!

The best way to conclude our Ganza; the sun setting over the Hudson River 🌅 

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