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Keeping Calm: Our Holiday Plans for 2021

With the holidays almost upon us, we want to share our plans for a calm and restorative holiday season ahead.

We feel so lucky to be making a greater number of candles for you each month. More deeply, we’re continuing to grow towards our long-term dreams as individuals, as a company, and as a community.

The holidays are undoubtedly our favorite time of year! It’s candle season after all, and a special sense of community and kindness fills the atmosphere. This year, to build on our mission, we’re hoping to find more opportunities to foster moments of connection with friends and family. 

We’ll be sharing our holiday plans a little earlier than usual to help us all prioritize quality time around Thanksgiving. On that note, we’ll be launching a Limited Edition set of artistic postcards next week — what’s more heartfelt than a handwritten note? These cards feature our artwork and poems from the past year and make beautiful complements to holiday gifts or for sending notes of love or gratitude as we enter the new year. The simple pleasure of a thoughtfully printed item also hints towards some fun plans we have coming up in 2022. We are so excited to share more about all this with you soon!


We also want to prepare you for what the holidays will be like this year, so here are some practical considerations. For extra peace of mind, we suggest completing all your holiday shopping early this year (not just with Keap). In the past, we have written about the production and shipping delays experienced around the holiday season. Communicating this early has proven helpful, so this year we’re doing the same. A combination of ongoing global supply chain delays, our own operational limits, and strain on mail carriers will make for an unpredictable mix again. To be safe, we suggest you plan on all online orders taking two full weeks to arrive at your door. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and engage with the underlying spirit of our work at Keap. We are looking forward to the holidays ahead, and we are so grateful for the love and support you continue to show us.

Warmly as ever,

— Stephen, on behalf of the whole Keap team


Pictured: Loving Postcards

At Keap, we handwrite notes to our customers each day, and we see some truly beautiful and heartfelt gift messages come through alongside our candles. In early November, we’ll be launching a Limited Edition set of postcards inspired by our 2021 Ignite Artwork. We hope these cards create many moments of love and connection in the weeks ahead. 

If you want to stay posted on the launch, join our email newsletter to receive our updates and stories. (Note: a complimentary set of these cards will be included alongside any Four Pack of Candles ordered between November 8th and December 23rd.)

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