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Keap Candles Featured in People Magazine - The 23 Best Fall Candles of 2022

We are delighted to share that our Wood Cabin candle was featured by People magazine as one of the best fall candles of the year.

People magazine chose to highlight our Wood Cabin candle as one of the best fall candles of 2022. They mentioned how the nature-inspired scents in Wood Cabin, like cedar and moss, help to create a deep sensory experience and bring in the ideal feeling of fall. 

Thanks to Madison Yauger and the team at People Magazine for taking the time to write about us. 😊 

"If your perfect fall scenario is being surrounded by colorful trees and mountains in a cabin in the woods, this candle embodies that dream with scents of woods and spice. Creating a sensory experience of wet moss, burnt pine, cedar, guaiac wood, and cade juniper, this candle makes you feel like you’re in the woods — with a hint of nutmeg for seasonal spice."

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