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Keap Candles Featured in Dwell's Exhaustive Candle Gift Guide 2022

Dwell put together an exhaustive candle gift guide featuring Keap's beloved Wood Cabin scent for the friend, colleague, or family member who is often hard to impress.

For more than 20 years, Dwell has championed home design that improves people’s lives. They consistently feature new ideas about what a home can be, offer expert advice for making your own space a better place to live, and provide a marketplace for the best-designed products available. Thus, we were elated to see our beloved Wood Cabin candle featured at the top of their Exhaustive Candle List! 

Thanks to Kelly Conaboy and the Dwell team for taking the time to feature us. 🙏


“Like traipsing through the snow-covered forest toward a cabin where the fireplace is already roaring, this cozy candle will fulfill all of your friend’s "Feu de Bois" needs without being, no offense, so devastatingly basic. And after the candle is gone, the vessel can be reused as a glass tumbler. Can ‘Feu de Bois’ say that?”

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