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Announcing Keap Artist Series: David Brandon Geeting

We're excited to announce the launch of a special collaborative project for Keap subscribers: the Keap artist series.


Beginning November 2016, subscribers will receive a special edition matchbox and print, alongside their subscription candle, featuring the work of an emerging Brooklyn artist. Each month we'll share more details with subscribers about the upcoming artist and their work. While the palette of compositions will be diverse, the 12 works will be united under the umbrella idea of “keep the fire burning”. Our hope is to bring attention to those artists’ work and give our subscribers a little extra surprise to look forward to every month with their candle.

For the month of November, we'll be featuring photographer David Brandon Geeting, whose work bridges the worlds of fine art and commercial work. His photos have been exhibited nationally and internationally, and featured on T Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The Fader.



Our second installment, in December, will feature painted illustrations by the multi-disciplinary Brooklyn-based artist, Lena Bedoyan. Her work has been exhibited in shows throughout New York City, and spans across various formats, including paintings, illustrations, and textile pieces. She also freelances as an interior stylist and set designer, including work for Douglas Elliman and the DNC. Her illustration and paintings focus on non-objective subject matter, confetti-like patterns in vibrant colors, and often include double images.


Read more about the Keap subscription and see our full artist gallery.


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