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This post was originally shared in our email newsletter on September 18, 2023.

What do you think is Keap's blind spot? Alternatively, what, if anything, do you think might be preventing Keap from reaching its full potential?

This was the last question in our Keaper survey, and I found the varied answers both fascinating and beautiful.

Many of you told us to keep doing what we're doing, which felt good (who wouldn't want to hear that?!). It was helpful to see you identify things we are doing well that we should continue prioritizing amid exciting changes.

Among the other ideas Keapers shared, a handful of themes surfaced.

A few folks brought up needing lower price offeringsnew scents, and other items that I’ve covered in our last few updates on Keap’s plans.

But the biggest theme that came out was the need for Keap to get out there more: That we are a beautiful secret, but perhaps a little bit too much of a secret! That we would benefit from more in-person events, more presence in boutiques, more partnerships with values-aligned companies, and getting the word out about this special thing we do.

We were reflecting as a team recently that the pandemic really forced us to look inward, both as individuals and as a company. This introspection was extremely beneficial for a time, but we are now ready to look outward, nurture more human connections, and soar! 🦅 

Over the coming year, you will see us working to:

  • Hold a series of Keap pop-ups in the Hudson Valley and NYC
  • Rebuild our network of independent stores stocking our candles (the pandemic tragically ended so many of our past partners)
  • Partner with some wonderful peers that are also working towards a regenerative economy in their own way
  • Get the word out and connect with new partners and friends!
From top left clockwise: Sofia selling candles after our ribbon cutting ceremony; flashback to our booth at the AD Design Show; aiming to work with more inspiring store owners, like Urte Tylaite from SHW; Walden Mutual’s regenerative agriculture mission aligns well with our purpose (image credits for the last two: @theknowculture, Walden Mutual)

Our purpose here at Keap is to facilitate connection: to the natural world, our loved ones, and our own spirit. All the above activities create webs of connection that contribute to this purpose, which allows us the privilege to approach them with a sense of joy and abundance.

If you have a favorite local store that you think would be a great fit for our candles or any other suggestions of how we can get the word out, drop us a line!

With appreciation,

— Harry from Keap, Steward-Owner

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