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Heatwaves and Your Candles

Hi Keapers,

I sincerely hope you are staying well. 

As you have likely experienced first hand, this summer has been incredibly hot. It has toppled heat-records left, right and center

The long-term causes of this extreme weather are a topic of ongoing concern. At this present moment, the weather is also on my mind since our coconut wax—which fares well at normal temperatures—can arrive melted in extreme heat. Unfortunately we’ve seen rising cases of melted candles occurring, mostly in areas suffering from heatwaves. While we will always take care of you in the case of an issue, it’s still a disappointing experience; we’re doing all we can to help avoid them happening in the first place.

Live footage from the candle studio 😅

I wanted to share a quick update on our shipping plans for the rest of this summer.

We have been, and continue to, experiment with new methods to reduce the likelihood of melts. One result of this is that some packages may take longer to ship than usual. Please check our current shipping status to see our most current shipping report, and if you have any questions or requests please reach out to us and we are always happy to lend a hand.

In the meantime, I thank you for your understanding and sincerely hope that we see some respite from such extreme weather in the coming weeks.

With much gratitude,

— Stephen, Keap Owner

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