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An Upcoming Price Change: Background and Details

Details about our upcoming price change happening on March 1st. 

We wanted to let our community know that our prices will be going up soon.

In short, the costs of our candles are going up by a few dollars. We last increased prices in 2019, and this change isn’t a decision we take lightly. The increases are a reflection of the realities we face with rapidly rising  raw material and shipping costs (up by 15% in the past 2 years), as well as our commitment to prioritize investments in our product, experience, team, and planet. 

If you’re curious to learn more about these price changes, I wrote two longer pieces about the practical and philosophical underpinnings of this price change. I hope these stories prove insightful and even inspire reflection on how prices mirror our current and future realities.

While the price increase is necessary for Keap to be financially sustainable, we know how hard increasing prices have been for all of us. We have devised a few new ways that folks continue to enjoy our candles at or even below our current prices. 

Firstly we will be expanding the discounts we offer when you buy candle multipacks. When you purchase more than one of our candles at a time, there are major shipping savings. By passing these savings back to you, we can offer a better price per candle on multipacks — you will save $10 per extra candle. This will keep our prices the same or similar to before when ordering more than one candle. Below is a summary of the cost per candle before and after the price change at different quantities — one, two, and four candles.

Secondly, in a few months, we’re also going to be launching another subscriber benefit: access to our Studio Seconds Sales, a.k.a. those candles that are perfectly fine but did not pass our visual quality checks. We’ll be selling Seconds candles by the dozen at only $15 per candle. So if you’re looking for our best possible value, this will be it!

These price changes will happen on our website March 1st and all multipack discounts will be added to subscriber accounts automatically. After recently launching a new a new ritual-focused zine for our subscribers and we have some exciting new launches planned for the next few months, including on the wax front.We recently launched

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. We can also help make changes to your subscription account to take advantage of the multipack pricing.


— Stephen (Keap Owner) and the Keap team


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