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A Perfect Pop-up at Percolate

Keap Percolate Pop Up


This week we had the perfect pleasure of perusing Percolate's palatial place for a pop-up! Percolate are the premiere provider (okay enough P's!) of marketing simplicity for big brands. In their own words "Percolate powers successful multi-channel marketing. From simplifying content creation to measuring campaign impact, Percolate helps you work smarter and faster at every step of your marketing."


Beyond being marketing experts, the Percolaters run a business deeply embedded in design and led by designer-extraordinaire Sofia Hoflin. We were lucky enough to have Sofia spend time brainstorming with us on Keap's earliest brand design concepts—lots of fun thinking about candles, brand names, and scents. So, there's a little of Percolate's spirit hidden in every Keap candle!

We spy Keap at Percolate's New York Headquarters!

Keap candles at percolate headquarter pop up


We had a wonderful time meeting all the Percolate crew, telling them a little more about our candles and seeing them enjoy all the scents. Percolate HQ's top candle pick was Waves, but a narrow margin from Hot Springs.

We also grew our team by a member this week, with Eunice Oh joining us as our Summer Intern, as can be seen in the photos. Welcome to Keap, Eunice!


Keap candles at percolate headquarter pop up


Remember to contact us at if you'd like to see Keap bring the pop-up tour to your office soon!

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