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Tumbler Reuse Stories: Fall Winter 2023

Curious about ways to re-use your candle tumbler? Take a look at some of the inspiring ways folks have used their glasses this season. 🍂

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bathroom accessories candle holder

Perfectly pristine bathroom accessories by @itsmybeautifulplace

drinking glass candleholder
drinking glass candleholder

A Christmas village table centerpiece with miniatures by Julie in California.

drinking glass candleholder

An elegant drinking glass, from Nino in NY

Mini flower centerpieces that are effortlessly perfect, from HaVy in Minnesota.

For an afternoon refresher

To hold the important things in life

In case you missed it, here is a quick and easy guide with steps on how to clean and re-use your glass. If you're looking for further inspiration, check out our monthly cocktail recipes. 

To see other past ReUse ideas, head over to our archive of ReUse posts.

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