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The 2023 Keap Gift Guide

This post was originally shared in our email newsletter on December 5, 2023.

To remind them of their favorite forest trail and accompany them on their next journey

Wood Cabin candle

“I gave my sister-in-law this candle when she moved into her new house! We celebrated an exciting new chapter together—the candlelight made the place feel like a home, and the wild scent reminded us to keep pushing ourselves (and to get outside more!).”
— Thea in NYC, gifter

To create a gentle reminder of your connection to each other

Lavender + Petals candle

“I love that whenever guests compliment me on my Lavender Keap candle (often!), I also get an opportunity to tell them about my dear friend who gave it to me.”
— Mary Grace in San Francisco, gift recipient

An ongoing way to say “I love you”

Keap gift subscription or sign yourself up for a 2-pack subscription to share each month with a loved one

"I had gifted a subscription to my sister who lives a state away... These candles were an ongoing way to say "I love you" every time she burned them. It was the perfect gift - one she definitely would not have bought for herself at the time!"
— Karna in Connecticut, gifter

For a fun travel-ready adventure

Scent-to-Home tealight set

“I gave my boyfriend at the time (now husband!) a "mini getaway" that included Keap tealights to help with the getaway vibes as well as some other mini/travel sized items. It not only was a really fun date, but also established Wood Cabin as a sweet scent memory for us!”
— Suzanne in the Catskills, gifter

For the ones that are hard to please

E-gift card

While we couldn't get a quote in time for this one, we have heard in the past that this makes a great gift for folks that are hard to please. Having your recipient be able to explore and choose their own scent will give you both something to talk about! 

To get them in the holiday spirit

Northlands candle* or Northlands + Wood Cabin duo pack*

“We had a lackluster Christmas tree this year that didn't give off any scent, but thanks to Northlands, our house couldn't have smelled better. Still savoring every last burn of that candle!!!”
— Eden in NYC, gifter

* Northlands is currently available to subscribers (you can add gift box packaging in your subscriber area or by emailing us) and will be available to newsletter readers on 12/11 in limited quantities.

As always, we’re here if you need a hand with anything (just reply to this email). We’ll be back next week with some gift ideas from other companies we like to support! 

🎵It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas… 🎵

— Harry from Keap, Steward-Owner

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