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Keap Gift Recommendations from New York Times and more

We thought you might enjoy these journalist quotes from the past year that beautifully captured aspects of the Keap experience—and provide some gift inspiration if you still need it.

The New York Times' Wirecutter Guide would suggest snuggling up to Wood Cabin

— “We plan to burn the Keap Wood Cabin Candle all winter long. It creates a vivid aromatic landscape, with woodsmoke as the focal point and enframed by notes of lush evergreen boughs, freshly cut firewood, and moss-covered bark. You can almost feel the scratchiness of a Pendleton wool blanket draped over your shoulders.”

Jo Goddard (Cup of Jo) would suggest refreshing with Cotton Magnolia  or relaxing with Lavender + Petals

— “When people come over, they often say our house smells really good. (Our secret is always these candles). For our living room, I often light the Cotton Magnolia, which feels both fresh and luxurious. For bedtime, I love Lavender and Petals. Isn’t it a simple pleasure to read with a candle flickering next to you?” 

Elena at Fragrantica would suggest exploring our Monthly Candle Subscription

— “Canyons candle has a woody aromatic fragrance of tough plants that grow in very dry conditions in canyons – I smell sage and the woody smoky scent of juniper. If you want to enjoy discounts, receive limited-edition candles (like Canyons), as well as samples of future releases, you can subscribe and become a Keaper.” 

Of course, you can always explore our gift guide for more ideas. Please let us know if you have any questions about sending gifts with Keap and we’d be happy to help.

Keep the fire burning!

— The Keap team

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