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This post was originally shared in our email newsletter on December 13, 2023.

A self-watering planter from Greenery Unlimited 
Ships nationwide, available in-person in Brooklyn

The New York Times recently ran a wonderful feature on this Brooklyn-based business who hosted us last week for a candle pop-up (see photo below!). The store/showroom in Greenpoint is really worth a visit. In any case, we’ve heard great things about the self-watering planters—a great gift for someone living in a city apartment, without giving them a lot of new responsibility (the plants pretty much take care of themselves!).

A beautifully wrapped artisanal soap from Saipua
Ships nationwide

A couple hours north of us, Saipua is one of the most fascinating projects we’ve seen. Calling it “artisanal soap” feels almost like an insult because beside their (truly wonderful) soaps lies an incredible depth of reflection and storytelling. Beyond soap, Saipua is a farm, a free restaurant, a floral design workshop, an artist residency, and an experimental school. (Soap-wise I’m particularly a fan of the rose geranium — I’m really not “a rose person”, but this scent works for me.)

A coffee subscription from Sey Coffee
Ships nationwide

I’ve spoken in the past about how our friends at Sey Coffee in Bushwick arguably make the best coffee in NYC (or even New York State), within a beautiful space that is worth a pilgrimage. The next best thing to going in person is their coffee subscription, with each shipment serving up a different micro-lot from their fastidious research and relationships built around the world. They have prepay options available for gifts.
— Karna in Connecticut, gifter

A honey bath scrub from Savor Beauty
Ships nationwide

Earlier this year I finally had a chance to meet with our Angela and the Savor Beauty team. There are a number of serendipitous connections between our two companies, one of them being that they moved their production facility almost right next to our own, here in Kingston. Their honey bath scrub looks dangerously appetizing, and I just want to get in a hot bath, slather that all over myself and go catatonic.🤤 You could also do a spa gift card for their two NYC locations.

Other excellent ideas

We love our friends’ bonsai trees for a more delicate houseplant gift, and are intrigued by this mighty ceramic indoor mushroom grower. A thermos in support of American Farmland Trust is a climate-friendly gift, as would be this book, originally written in the 1990s, but that somehow feels more current with every year that passes: an inspiring read for anyone involved in business who cares about ecology.  

Lastly, this list we assembled in 2021 of unconventional ideas that foster connection remains valid and might give you some cheeky ideas.

With love,
— Harry from Keap, Steward-Owner

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