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Relaxing In Chaos

Each month the owners of Keap reflect on the theme of our Ignite Story, and consider what the topics mean for us as individuals and business owners.

I have been trying to find the lesson to be learned in the uncertainty of the last few weeks — both for Keap and for me personally.

Few times in life will it be so clear that we are under the influence of forces greater than those which we can control. We spend much of our lives ignoring this fact and hoping it won’t be true, but we simply can’t do that at the moment.

I watched a video in which Dr. Gabor Mate (a world-renowned expert in trauma) discussed the difference between the Western and Buddhist way of viewing chaos and upheaval. 

In the West, it is “Panic. Panic! Everything is out of control.”

The Buddhist tradition says, “Relax. Everything is out of control.”

The next few decades are going to be full of defining moments on both a personal and societal level. 
We have no idea what these will be. Will they be good or bad? Will they be long or short-lived?
We can’t control them either.
All we can control is how we relate to them — as individuals, as businesses, as communities and as a species.

For Keap, and for myself, I hope to be able to tread the calmer path.

I am learning how to do this practically:
taking time to appreciate nature, to feel gratitude, to slow down and to breathe and be present.
letting go of a conditioned sense of being “separate from” the rest of the world, and instead, embrace being a connected “part of” the universe all around me.


— Stephen from Keap 🙏

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