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Scent-To-Home Sampler Set

The Scent-to-Home set comes with six mini tealight candles, alongside a set of matches.

You’ll receive two mini tealights in each of these scents:

You'll receive one mini tealight in each of our Seasonal Scents for this month and next:

Each mini tealight burns for one to two hours so you can try out each scent before considering a full-size candle.

Regular price

After purchase, we will email you a $19 credit towards a new monthly candle subscription.

A sense of our scents

Sample our current candle selection with mini tealights in our Signature Scents (Wood Cabin and Lavender + Petals) and in the Seasonal Scent for this month (Waves) and next (Isle of Jasmine).

How It Works

Burn mini versions of our candles in your own space and learn which scents best for you.

After your purchase, we email you $19 of store credit toward a new Keap subscription.

Subscribe to access the Seasonal Scent or shop Wood Cabin and Lavender + Petals anytime.

Regenerative Approach

Candles can change the mood, and we believe they can change the world too. Our candles are designed to restore both you and the planet with:

Expertly crafted, nature-inspired scents
▶ Clean-burning coconut wax
▶ 1-2 hour burn time per tealight
▶ Reusable or recyclable tins
▶ Biodegradable, plastic-free packaging
▶ Made ethically in our Kingston, NY studio

The Signature Scents

Our Signature Scents, Wood Cabin and Lavender + Petals are always available both as subscription options and for one-off orders.

Your Scent-to-Home Set will include two mini Wood Cabin tealights and two mini Lavender + Petals tealights in addition to matches and instructions.

Wood Cabin

Cedar, Palo Santo + Fireside Embers

Feels like: taking a hike in the woods

Lavender + Petals

Lavender, White Petals + True Calm

Feels like: wandering through a meadow

The Seasonal Scents

Our most popular subscription option, the Seasonal Scent features a different, nature-inspired scent each month.

To help you get a taste (well, sniff) of that experience, we send you a mini tealight of both this month’s scent, Waves, and next month’s scent, Isle of Jasmine.


Sea Salt, Driftwood + Ocean Air

Feels like: floating, suspended in water

Available to subscribers this month

Isle of Jasmine

Wild Jasmine, Neroli + Waterfalls

Feels like: a lush forest after a storm

Available to subscribers next month

Common Questions

What size are the tealight candles?

The tealights come in 1/4 oz. tins (a bit smaller than standard tealights) and burn for one to two hours.

How similar is the scent to the full size candles?

The scents we use in the tealight candles are the same as our full size candles. That said, the tealights’ smaller size mean they cannot give off as much scent throw as the larger candles. For this reason, we recommend burning the tealights in a smaller room, such as a bathroom to maximize your ability to experience the smell.

Why pairs?

You can burn two tealights at once for more scent throw, try them in two different locations, or share the love with someone.

Are the tins recyclable?

Yes, since they're steel you can put them in recycling (steel is highly reclaimed). You could even clean them out and consider using them for storing travel size products.

How will I receive my $19 discount code?

Your personal discount code will be emailed to the email address you use when checking out. The subject of the email is "You’ve ordered your samples. Here’s what comes next!"

If I buy more than one set of samples do I get two credit codes?

Unfortunately not, but we like your enthusiasm :) Each customer is eligible for one $19 credit each.

Does the $19 credit expire?

Simple: no!

When will my samples ship?

For our most up-to-date shipping report, see our shipping blog post.

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