Your Basket
At the weekend market
the farmers fill their stalls with green smells,
earthy and extraordinary fruit and vegetables
piled in a riot of color and shape.

Open jam jars whisper sweet nothings
as you stroll by;
massed bunches of flowers
tumble their delicate scents into the air.
Everything is green and fresh and hurrahing in harvest.

Poem by Rawaan Alkhatib

Green Market

The Scent

A recent stroll through a Sunday market, with the scents of green produce. From bunches of herbs, to aromatic fruits, and the light stems and petals of fresh cut flowers.

Perfect for kitchens, window-sills, and for pretending to have a private garden.

The Memories

“On the weekend I get up early to go and see the local produce at the farmer's market. I love to see what's in season. Throughout the year the colors, and scents change with the season.”

“There's a florist at the local market who sells just iris. They're exquisite. If you buy one, he spends a minute or two delicately wrapping it up before presenting you with the precious stem. It's such a treat.”

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Key Notes

Basil: A green herbal note that contributes a freshness analogous to mints (in fact, basil is part of the greater mint family).

Garden Mint: A freshening aromatic classic, the cleaner side of a herb garden.

Water Hyacinth: A green floral that adds a watery aspect that is soft and relaxing.

Cilantro: An aromatic herb with orange facets on top with a spicy, woody-resinous, clay-like background note.

Cucumber: A fresh green note, that is lightly sweet and watery like dew in the morning.

Fig Leaves: Green, slightly bitter note, with a unique scent that brings to mind earth dust, shadow and foliage.

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Green Market was the Seasonal Scent of March 2024.

September 2021
Best Ever

“They are truly the very best candles I have ever experienced.”

Full Letter

Dear Keap,

I have wanted you to know how incredible your candles are! I am 70 years old and have had candles all my life. And then I discovered you!

You create a feeling and emotion in everything you do.

Your website is great, how it looks, and how evocative it becomes. Then the packaging of my candle continues to take me to a heartfelt place of poetry: perfect matches, coasters that cover my candle. They are truly the very best candles I have ever experienced.

”You exist by your smile and your presence. You exist in nature.
You are part of the glittering sea, and part of the luscious , well-nourished plants,
you are wedded to the sun, you are immersed in timelessness
only the present counts, and from the present
you extract all the essences which can nourish the senses”
— Anais Nin

Thank you for being great in all that you create.

— Chase, New Mexico

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