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Your Scent-to-Home

Your Scent-to-Home

Want to try our scents first?

A discovery set of four tealight candles in each of our signature fragrances: Wood Cabin, Waves, Green Market and Hot Springs. More scent info.

Comes with $15 credit towards a full-size candle or new subscription.

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How It works

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A discovery set of four tealight candles in all of our signature fragrances. They burn for a few hours each, perfect for an evening escape.

Burn in turn

Sample each candle in your own space. Burn each one, and learn what fragrance works best for you.

The nose knows

When you order Scent-to-Home, you will find a $15 discount card inside your matchbox towards either a new suscription or a full-size candle for use within 6 weeks. Enjoy!

Better candles

Pure, sustainable, simple

The elements to a better scented candle

  • Fragrances created by a master perfumer

  • Clean-burning, lead-free, cotton wicks

  • Natural, slow-burning coconut wax

  • Reusable, tumbler glass, made in the USA

  • Fair prices by buying straight from us

Read more about making better candles

The scents you’ll enjoy with Scent-to-Home

Discover four natural escapes captured in fine fragrances:

Wood Cabin

A walk in the woods.
Welcomes you to the cabin, where a warm fireplace awaits.


Floating in the sea.
Evokes warm happy days spent by the ocean.

Hot Springs

Let those shoulders relax.
An uplifting spa experience that invigorates.

Green Market

Green up your space.
Like roaming the fresh markets on a bright, crisp spring day.

Your Scent-to-Home
Your Scent-to-Home
Your Scent-to-Home