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Share a Little Thanks

Share a Little Thanks

Share some love and thanks with a friend — perhaps a healthcare worker or someone who supported you when you needed it most this year.

Choose between two sets of 4 mini candles, and we will include a personalized gift-note.

Free shipping is also included, and we will begin shipping these sets in late January.

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We hope you are surrounded by love and kindness in the months ahead.

A Delightful Surprise

Choose a scent set that you'd like to send to a loved one. Each mini candle burns for an hour or two, perfect for giving them an evening's escape.

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Wood Cabin

Wild Figs



Lavender + Petals

Green Market

Grapefruit + Yuzu

Cotton Magnolia

Hot Springs

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A Thoughtful Gift

Your gift includes a gift note that says "Thanks for being a wonderful light in my life this year. I am forever grateful."

The gift-note will be signed off with your name.


Masterful scents, natural coconut wax

7.4 oz, 45 hour burn time

Reusable, recyclable candleholder

Made ethically in our Kingston, NY studio

Biodegradable, plastic-free packaging

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Shipping + Help

We ship straight from our Kingston, NY studio across the USA. Free shipping for subscribers, and for orders of $60 or more.
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