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Special Release Candles

Spring Special Release

Candles made with coconut wax and nature-inspired scents in a reusable glass tumbler. 7.4oz / 45 hour burn time.

Singles, 2-packs, and 4-packs are shipped in our classic black gift boxes.

6-pack bundles comes in a packaging-light format with no gift box.

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Looking for the Variety 6-Pack? Shop our curated Variety 6-Pack with one candle in each of our Spring Special Release scents here.

Eucalyptus, Yuzu + Sauna Wood

Cedar, Palo Santo + Fireside Embers

Sea Salt, Drift Woods + Ocean Air

Garden Mint, Cucumber + Freshly Cut Stems

Wild Fig, Crushed Berries + Forbidden Fruit

Grapefruit, Bergamot + Fresh Optimism

Cotton, Magnolia Petals + A Spring Breeze

Lavender, White Petals + True Calm

Fir Balsam, Pine Needles + Coziness

Sandalwood, Sage + Desert Sky

Wild Jasmine, Neroli + Waterfalls

Palo Santo, Beeswax, + Polished Shelves

Canyons, Hot Springs, Isle of Jasmine, Northlands, Reading Room and Wild Figs

Feels like: Letting go of the day

Feels like: A lush forest after a storm

Feels like: A boundless desert sky at dusk

Feels like: Getting lost in an armchair and novel

Feels like: Taking a hike in the woods

Feels like: Floating, suspended in water

Feels like: A new season is beginning

Feels like: Being wild and free

Feels like: A bright and happy day

Feels like: A breezy veranda

Feels like: Wandering through a meadow

Feels like: Pine crunching underfoot

Get one of each of our Spring Special Release scents

Next available: 2025

Currently available to subscribers

Next available: August 2024

Next available: Late 2024

Next available: 2025

Next available: 2025

Next available: 2025

Next available: 2025

Next available: 2025

Next available: Late 2024

Available exclusively in March 2024


Expertly crafted, nature-inspired scents

Clean-burning coconut wax, 45hr. burn

Reusable, recyclable drinks tumbler

Made ethically in our Kingston, NY studio

Biodegradable, plastic-free packaging

Straight from the maker

Gift-Boxed Candles

Candles bought as singles or as part of a 2- or 4-pack are shipped in our classic gift box packaging, which includes:

▶ a black gift box
▶ an informational booklet
▶ a matchbox
▶ a dust cover (which doubles as a coaster!)


Our 6-packs are shipped in a packaging-light format, which only includes dust covers.

6-packs are only available as 6 candles of the same scent.

We're not currently able to accommodate requests to customize assortments.

Common questions

Can I include a gift note?

Absolutely. In the cart there is a field to enter a personal gift note. We hand-write every gift note on a card and include it alongside your gift.

Can a gift receipt be included instead of the price?

We only include details about how to contact us, alongside any gift message you provide so no pricing information will be visible.

If I order today, when will this item ship?

Because of the high order volume for this sale, your order may take up to a week to ship. For our most up-to-date shipping report, see our shipping blog post.

What's included in a gift-boxed candle?

A gift-boxed Keap candle comes with a beautiful black gift-box, and inside you'll find a candle (phew!), a coaster/dust cover, matchbox, and an informational insert. Please note that while any combination of singles, 2-packs, and 4-packs will come individually gift boxed, the 6-packs come in a packaging-light format that only includes the coasters/dust covers.

Why are the 6-packs so deeply discounted?

In short, we are able to offer these savings because this format creates a lot of efficiencies and doesn’t include our standard add-ons like matches.

Can I mix and match scents and still get multi-pack discounts?

For 2-packs and 4-packs, yes. Automatic discounts will apply to your cart if you qualify for a 2- or 4-pack discount across scents.

Please note that if your order is eligible for multiple discounts, you may not be able to combine them. Your cart will automatically apply the promotion(s) that give you the greatest possible savings.

For 6-packs, we are offering a curated Variety Pack with one candle each of: Canyons, Hot Springs, Isle of Jasmine, Northlands, Reading Room, and Wild Figs. We are not currently able to accomodate requests for substitutions or other customizations.

Where can I shop the Variety 6-Pack?

We're delighted to be able to offer our first assorted 6-pack as a part of this Spring Special Release.

It contains one candle each of: Canyons, Hot Springs, Isle of Jasmine, Northlands, Reading Room, and Wild Figs.

Shop it here.

Why is this a special release?

Usually, only our Signature Scents Wood Cabin and Lavender + Petals are available to everyone for one-off purchases.

We also have a Seasonal Scent that rotates monthly. During the month it's featured, the Seasonal Scent is available to subscribers only. The following month, we release a limited amount to our newsletter readers before it is gone until next year.

Until March 23, we are making 6 of these limited scents available to everyone!

When will these scents next be available?

Isle of Jasmine - available to subscribers in July, to newsletter readers in August
Canyons - available to subscribers in August, to newsletter readers in September
Reading Room - to be announced, late 2024
Northlands - to be announced, late 2024
Wild Figs - to be announced, 2025
Hot Springs - to be announced, 2025

Do you have any other scents?

Yes! Our Signature Scents Wood Cabin and Lavender + Petals are always available for one-off purchases. You can find Wood Cabin here and Lavender + Petals here.

We also have four limited scents that are not currently available, but Green Market, Grapefruit + Yuzu, Cotton Magnolia and Waves fans, fear not! These scents will be returning in the coming months. Join our newsletter to stay up-to-date on their Limited Releases!

Why is nothing happening when I hit "Add to Cart"?

Our cart typically flies out from the right side of your screen, but some ad blockers mistake it for a pop up. You can click here to load a full screen cart view. Disabling your ad blocker on our site should also resolve the issue.

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