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Take a scent journey

Join the Keap subscription and you will be transported by scents throughout the year, and enjoy limited-edition matchboxes, art and inspiration in each shipment.

Each month, a new discovery

With seasonal scents we take you on a journey adjusting scents to the season. Our current seasonal scent, Cotton Magnolia, feels like a cool breeze billows in through an open window, bringing in the fresh scent of sheets drying in the sun.

Recently shipped scents

Seasonal scents from a growing range of nature-inspired escapes, captured by our master perfumer.

Green Market

Lavender + Petals

Wild Figs

Wood Cabin

Subscriber exclusives


Why It's Better

Sample upcoming and exclusive scents

Members save $10 per candle, free shipping

Change the scent, skip or cancel any time*


Masterful scents, natural coconut wax

7.4 oz, 45 hour burn time

Reusable, returnable candleholder

Made ethically in our Brooklyn, NY studio

Biodegradable, plastic-free packaging

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Keap Subscription

Let’s get started

Each shipment will contain our seasonal pick or limited edition scent. You can always change frequency, scent, add or remove, or skip candle shipments from your account.

Two Candles Per Month

One Candle Per Month

One Candle Every Two Months


Per Candle

Regular price

Subscribers get free shipping and save $10 per candle (vs. one-off price, $39.50). Any questions? Email us or chat with us.

Common questions

How will I know the smell of the next seasonal scent?

Each month we include in your shipment a tealight of next month's seasonal scent, so you can use your own nose to decide!

When will I receive my first candle?

Your first candle will ship immediately, and subsequent candles will ship on the same day of following months. If you order on the 31st of a month, this will adjust to the 30th of future months.

Can I adjust shipments if I need to?

Yes! You can always change your scent, frequency, quantity, pause, or skip deliveries. We'll send you an email a few days before its shipment to check your preferences.

Can I let you know scent preferences?

Yes! After you subscribe, just drop us a note at and we can accomodate any preferences.

How do I gift a subscription?

We offer Pre-paid Gift Subscriptions. Simply purchase and put the recipients shipping address instead of yours. .

Can I cancel at any time?

You can un-join at any time. The subscription discount requires at least two shipments. If you cancel after just one shipment, no problem. In that case, we’ll simply charge you back the subscription discount of $10 to reflect a one-off purchase.

We’re always on hand to help.

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Two Candles per Month

Perfect if you light candles on a daily basis. Ideal for candle lovers.

One Candle per Month

Most popular. Ideal if you light candles on a weekly basis.

One Candle every Two Months

For the part time candle burners, or if you are new to candles.