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Isle of Jasmine

Isle of Jasmine

Candles made with coconut wax and nature-inspired scents in a reusable glass tumbler. 7.4oz / 45 hour burn time.

Singles, 2-packs, and 4-packs are shipped in our classic black gift boxes.

6-pack bundles comes in a packaging-light format with no gift box.

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Isle of Jasmine

Eucalyptus, Yuzu + Sauna Wood

Cedar, Palo Santo + Fireside Embers

Sea Salt, Drift Woods + Ocean Air

Garden Mint, Cucumber + Freshly Cut Stems

Wild Fig, Crushed Berries + Forbidden Fruit

Grapefruit, Bergamot + Fresh Optimism

Cotton, Magnolia Petals + A Spring Breeze

Lavender, White Petals + True Calm

Fir Balsam, Pine Needles + Coziness

Sandalwood, Sage + Desert Sky

Wild Jasmine, Neroli + Waterfalls

Palo Santo, Beeswax, + Polished Shelves

Feels like: letting go of the day.

Feels like: a lush forest after a storm.

Feels like: a boundless desert sky at dusk.

Feels like: getting lost in an armchair and novel.

Feels like: taking a hike in the woods.

Feels like: floating, suspended in water.

Feels like: a new season is beginning.

Feels like: being wild and free.

Feels like: a bright and happy day.

Feels like: a breezy veranda.

Feels like: a meadow wander.

Feels like: pine crunching underfoot.


Expertly crafted, nature-inspired scents

Clean-burning coconut wax, 45hr. burn

Reusable, recyclable drinks tumbler

Made ethically in our Kingston, NY studio

Biodegradable, plastic-free packaging

Straight from the maker

Gift-Boxed Candles

Candles bought as singles or as part of a 2- or 4-pack are shipped in our classic gift box packaging, which includes:

▶ a black gift box
▶ an informational booklet
▶ a matchbox
▶ a dust cover (which doubles as a coaster!)


Our new 6-packs are shipped in a packaging-light format, which ships in a recycled box and only includes dust covers.

At the river’s edge in the wake of the rain,
white jasmine exhibits its starlight
against the dense green jungle understory.
Gentle dew and hot wood; fresh bloom and sweet fruit.

Every moment, every portion of this forest charged with life:
honeycreepers trill, old bark slips off the rainbow gum tree,
its rich new skin emerging blue and yellow from beneath.

Poem by Matthew Kosinski

Isle of Jasmine

The Scent

A lush volcanic rainforest, replete with wild jasmine, rose, and saffron. Bunches of tart green bananas hang from the canopy overhead; light mist sprays from a nearby waterfall. Plush notes of woody musk and oolong tea float through the air.

Perfect for sinking into a sunny afternoon.

The Memories

“It is said that jasmine was the favorite flower of Hawaiian Princess Ka’iulani. She often wore a lei of jasmine around her neck, and the gardens of her estate were filled with the flower. Some even say she christened Hawaii’s native jasmine variety “pīkake,” which means “peacock,” in honor of her pet peacocks, which would roam the gardens with her. Sometimes, I like to imagine myself in those expansive gardens, surrounded by acres of starlike pīkake, inhaling its spicy sweet fragrance.”

“There’s nothing like a rainforest after a storm, when the heat and humidity have broken and the trees’ broad leaves sparkle with dew. The scent of every flower is amplified. The animals begin to stir again. It feels like you’re in the heart of the world itself.”

Available to subscribers in July 2023

Key Notes

Jasmine Grandiflorum: Naturally grown in India, an addicting floral that carries an intense and enchanting aroma.

Neroli: Fresh and slightly sweet floral note coming from the bitter orange tree. Evokes clean, post-shower skin.

Saffron: From the flowers of Croci, this tendril straight from the earth is burnt caramel, soft and inviting.

Ylang-Ylang: A fruity, jasmine-like floral, which adds a touch of lusciousness and calm.

Green Banana: Not fruity, but rather tart and green. Lush and alive like the rainforest.

Oolong Tea: Earthy and herbal, with notes found in lighter silver and green teas, too.

Candle Burning Tips

Each time you use your candle, trim the wick to 3⁄8” (about the width of your pinky finger) before you light it. This helps ensure a smaller, safer flame and less soot.

Each time you burn your candle, burn it for 2-3 hours. This will not only maximize the fragrance throw, but also help avoid "tunneling," where the candle burns down the middle, leaving wax around the edges.

For safety reasons:

▶ Don’t burn your candle when less than a 1/2” of wax remains.
▶ Never leave a burning candle unattended!

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November 2021
A Happy Reminder

“I only lit it on the most special occasions because the jasmine reminded me of Savannah, GA.”

Full Letter

Dear Keap,

Your jasmine candle is my favorite candle to date.

I only lit it on the most special occasions because the jasmine reminded me of Savannah, GA where they only bloom for a week once a year. I met my husband in Savannah and every time the jasmine bloomed we would spend extra time strolling the streets.

It's the only jasmine candle that actually smells just like them!

— Madison, Savannah

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What's a gift-boxed candle?

A gift-boxed Keap candle comes with a beautiful black gift box, and inside you'll find a candle (phew!), a coaster/dust cover, matchbox, and an informational insert.

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Absolutely. In the cart there is a field to enter a personal gift note. We hand-write every gift note on a card and include it alongside your gift.

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We only include details about how to contact us, alongside any gift message you provide so no pricing information will be visible.

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