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6 Candle Gift Subscription

6 Candle Gift Subscription

Gift a year of candles, and we'll do the rest by sending candles at regular intervals over the course of the year.

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Subscribers get free shipping and save $10 per candle (vs. one-off price, $49.50). Any questions? Email us or chat with us.

Send them a year of scents

Picked from our growing range of nature-inspired escapes, captured by our master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel. Throughout the year we launch subscriber exclusive scents too.

Wood Cabin

Wild Figs



Lavender + Petals

Green Market

Grapefruit + Yuzu

Cotton Magnolia

Subscriber Limited Editions

Hot Springs

How It Works

You purchase a year of candles upfront

We ship them candles throughout the year

They enjoy a year of gifts sent with love


Masterful scents, natural coconut wax

7.4 oz, 45 hour burn time

Reusable, returnable candleholder

Made ethically in our Brooklyn, NY studio

Biodegradable, plastic-free packaging

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Let the seasons decide


Indulge with our current Seasonal member shipment containing Wild Figs, plus a limited edition art print and matchbox inspired by this scent.

A decadent feast for the senses, Wild Figs blends honey-like blackcurrant and hazy hawthorne with sweet, fresh fig. This month's complimentary preview tealight is of

This month's complimentary preview tealight is of October’s salutary Hot Springs.

Each month we create limited edition art and write about a facet of our seasonal scent.

Inspired by Wild Figs, this month’s Ignite story explores the influence of the environment on the evolution of the human brain. The availability of nutrient-dense figs, among other forces, played a key role in making our species what it is today!

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We ship straight from our Brooklyn studio across the USA. Free shipping for subscribers, and for orders of $60 or more.
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