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Where can I smell a Keap candle?

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Selling high quality candles on line leads to a big question: how can you smell a Keap candle? You're in luck as we have partnered with a number of top businesses to burn and stock our candles, so you can experience them in situ. You can always try our scents at home with Scent-to-Home, a discovery set of four tealight candles in each of our signature fragrances.

Locations, locations, locations...


Once you get your hair cut at Shizen, you won't be able to go back to run-of-the-mill barbershops.


Hot Springs can be found smelling serene and looking stylish in the reception

Lighthouse BK

One of our favorite restaurants, with organic and responsibly grown produce, and one of the best affordable burgers in town. It's also where we came up with the idea for Keap. Fittingly, it is located on Keap Street!


Wood Cabin and Hot Springs are burning in the two bathrooms in the back.

Harry's Barbershop

Harry's corner shop is a cute little nook in Lower Manhattan, featuring accessories, design and personal care items. Men can also get a quick barbershop shave too.


Typically, Hot Springs is burning in there, and all four Keap candles are available for sale.

Wanted:Design Store, Industry City

Get your fix of design objects, including candles (they're poured a few floors up in the same building!).


All four Keap candles are on display and available for sale.

Object_ify 139

Object_ify 139 is an art object store promoting work by emerging local artists, while keeping prices affordable.


All four Keap candles are on display and available for sale.

Crave Fishbar, Upper West Side & Midtown

Being eco-conscious to both the environment and marine life, this restaurant and bar only serves the freshest locally caught seafood to its customers. Crave Fishbar currently has two locations in Midtown as well as in the Upper West Side.


Green Market is currently burning in the bathrooms of both Crave Fishbar locations.

Maison 10

An online and retail design store that practices ethical consumerism while selling their 10 different hand selected goods for a period of 10 weeks at any one time.


Green Market is available for sale here.

Bi-rite Studio

A local furniture shop featuring mid-century and post-modern treasures, where you can find unique odds and ends to jazz up your home.


Hot Springs is currently burning by the counter.

Made in Queens

MiQ ‘s mission is to sell small batch, originally manufactured local products. They opened their doors to their pop-up store in June, 2016, and Keap has been proudly on display since August alongside other local makers and manufacturers from the NY area.


All four Keap candles are on display and available for sale.