Your Basket
A skin of soft snow coats the silent ground of this clearing.

In the forest of firs
the mountain path slides downward behind you,
slopes upward before you.

Here at its midpoint you linger.

In the quiet brilliant winter
the deep sweet green holds the promise
of what waits to be found, of what could be found again.

Poem by Matthew Kosinski


The Scent

A stand of firs, light snow undisturbed on its branches. The earthen tang of sap on a cool current of crisp air. A premonition of the nutmeg-spiced hot cider waiting at home by the fireplace.

Perfect for some cozy quiet time or a warm gathering of good friends.

The Memories

“How delightful it is, and how it makes one's pulses bound to get back into this reviving northland wilderness! How truly wild it is, and how joyously one's heart responds to the welcome it gives, its waters and mountains shining and glowing like enthusiastic human faces!”
—John Muir

“We used to go camping in upstate New York — an entire side of my family, siblings and parents and aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents, all of us, every November. There, in a wide, shallow river, we had a small island ringed in evergreen trees all to ourselves. We’d stay up late around the fire, telling stories, staying warm despite the chill.”

Available to subscribers in December 2024

Key Notes

North American Fir: An aromatic evergreen scent with nostalgic overtones.

Pine Needles: These bring a fresh spiciness that gives an uplifting sensation, and a sense of “the great Northern woods”

Absinthe: A bitter, boozy green, with anise-like character, adding a rich aromatic facet.

White Musk: Like the powdery musk in natural pine trees, adds texture to the woods.

Nutmeg: The South East Asian spice adds powdery and spicy aspects that help bring out some of the lower dark notes.

Madagascan Cinnamon: A warm and rich spice, providing depth to the happy green notes above.

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— Kate, North Carolina

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