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Hot Springs

Ease into the warmth of bubbling natural waters—from somewhere deep under the earth a volcano’s warmth is seeping into hot springs. Loosen up, unknot those shoulders, relax into a good massage. The water hisses on the sauna’s rocks—the jacuzzi’s jets bubble around you—that unforgettable spa scent hangs in the air. Aaaahhh.

Poem by Rawaan Alkhatib

The Scent

Takes you back to being at a natural spa—water being poured on hot rocks, therapeutic herbs, fresh towels, invigorating scents and relaxing massages.

Perfect for freshening up a living room, and creating a sense of calm.

Includes the following key notes:


"In Japan they have outdoor hot springs. You sit surrounded by hinoki cedar trees, and bathe in water that has yuzus bobbing around in it."

"I spend hours in the sauna letting the steam infiltrate my body and mind and loosening the tension. They put eucalyptus and rosemary oils in the water that goes on the rocks for added calm."

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